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Interesting Divorce Factors
Couples who live in and around Marietta, Georgia should click this link to get valuable information about some of the risk factors that can contribute to a couple’s likelihood of getting divorced. A bad economy can put stress on marriages but may make divorce less possible until financial situations improve. The age of spouses when getting divorced can bring different issues to the forefront during the settlement process.

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Retirement Accounts and Property Division in Divorce
People in Georgia who face the unfortunate reality of divorce should click here to learn about some important ways to save retirement assets from loss during a property division settlement. Even when accounts must be split between spouses, further loss can be avoided by taking just a few simple steps.

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In Georgia grandparents have rights
If a grandparent has shown that he or she is able to act in the best interests of his or her grandchild, it is the express policy of the state of Georgia that contact between a grandparent and grandchild is to be encouraged. It is further presumed in the state of Georgia that denying a grandchild contact with his or her grandparents is emotionally harmful to the child.
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