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Dublin's finest skeptical meetup.
Dublin's finest skeptical meetup.

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The language of genes has become common in the media. We know they make your eyes blue, your hair curly or your nose straight. We're told that genes control the risk of cancer, heart disease, alcoholism or Alzheimer's. The cost of DNA sequencing has plummeted from billions of pounds to a few hundred, and gene-based advances in medicine hold huge promise.

There are 2.2 metres of DNA inside every one of your cells, encoding roughly 20,000 genes. These are the 'recipes' that tell our cells how to make the building blocks of life, along with all the control switches ensuring they're turned on and off at the right time and in the right place. But rather than a static string of genetic code, this is a dynamic, writhing biological library. With the help of cats with thumbs, fish with hips and wobbly worms, Kat will unpack some of the mysteries in our DNA and explain the latest thinking about how our genes work.

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“You can’t believe everything you read in the papers.”

Everyone knows this, but few people realise this truism extends far beyond the celebrity pages and gossip columns, and spills into ‘real’ news. Here, the near-invisible influence of PR companies is often pivotal in deciding what news gets told, and how it gets reported. By taking a brief look at the history of modern journalism, and using real examples taken from recent headlines, Michael Marshall will show why you really, really can’t believe everything you read in the papers.

Michael Marshall is the co-founder and vice-president of the Merseyside Skeptics Society and appears on the “Skeptics with a K” and “Be Reasonable” podcasts. Besides organising national and international campaigns against homeopathy, he writes about the often-unsuspected role of PR in modern media. Michael has written for The Times, The Guardian and The New Statesman, and has lectured for Journalism students at Sheffield Hallam University. He was described by PR Week as ‘fucking brilliant’ and was also once rather amusingly called a series of very rude words by self-proclaimed psychic Joe Power.

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Join us for some Christmas drinks in the Lord Edward this coming Saturday. 

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Come join us for our Hallowe'en social on October 24th in the Lord Edward, where spooky stories will be told and beverages consumed. 

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The August Dublin Skeptics in the Pub meetup will take place on Saturday 29th August in the Lord Edward Pub near Christchurch.

Join us for some good conversation and a lively exchange of ideas.

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Hello all, we have some Skeptics visiting from US on the 18th July so we here at Skeptics HQ have decided to hold a social.

Please join us for some drinks and good conversation from 6.30pm on the 18th July in the Lord Edward.

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Our June social will take place in the Lord Edward from 6.30pm on the 20th June. 

Join us for some good company, conversation and a few drinks. 

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Michael Nee joins us this month to discuss the moral arguments for giving to those in need, the importance of selecting effective causes and how to find them.

Michael is the founder of the Dublin Chapter of Giving What We Can (, an organisation that's part of a growing community known as Effective Altruism. 

Join us in the Stag's Head from 8pm on Thursday 28th May.

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Join us for our April social at the Lord Edward off Dame St.

There will be conversation and merriment and the occasional pint.

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We are now on Meetup! (I finally bit the bullet). If you know anyone who would be interested but isn't on G+, do spread the word
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