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Joel Helbling
Amateur in all things important.
Amateur in all things important.

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Happy Birthday, +Zach Briggs !

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Nice overview of Singapore vs Common Core: "Not everybody is going to be a math major in college"...

Some great estates provide, but do not breed
A mast'ring mind; so both are lost thereby:
Or else they breed them tender, make them need
All that they leave: this is flat poverty.

For he, that needs five thousand pound to live,
is full as poor as he, that needs but five.

--George Herbert

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A nerdy approach to art...sounds very intriguing.

Attending a retrospective via iPad for the first time...putting up post-its through my proxy +Josh Phillips 

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AI: they're not as smart as we think they are.
A fascinating critique about how big data is tricking us into thinking we are furthering artificial intelligence.

"It’s insidious, the way your own success can stifle you. As our machines get faster and ingest more data, we allow ourselves to be dumber. Instead of wrestling with our hardest problems in earnest, we can just plug in billions of examples of them. Which is a bit like using a graphing calculator to do your high-school calculus homework—it works great until you need to actually understand calculus."

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#RorschachDoodle I see a two-headed were-cat snarling at the moon.

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"There is one thing about which we can all be certain: ambiguity collapses whether we see it happen or not. All the possibilities in the universe converge together into a quantum dance. Our function is to learn the dance. We may find its meter and never learn all its steps. Or we may stamp out a few steps and lose the rhythm forever." #software_craftsmanship   #working_software

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Hey +Michael Helbling --here's one for the ClickHerder file:

It's true that battles over search and phones get more press, and these are areas where Google has performed impressively.  But Google is a diversified company, which means they have to defend (or attack) on many fronts.  The company in the linked article is calmly tucking into Google's lunch, which does seem likely to be a cause of concern. 
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