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Hi Anne,

Sorry to contact you this way, I could not find your email address.

I noticed on the Norway CSA webpage.

I'm a young man looking for work on farms in Norway.

If you are interested maybe look at my add below.


How are you?

My name is Sander and I'm 29 years old, I've been backpacking for the last 4,5 years and I'm looking for places to stay and work in Norway, I was originally from The Netherlands. I've been traveling since November 2011 and so far have been in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Parts of Asia and South America, I'm currently looking for organic farm jobs Norway :) and I'm able to relocate.

I have a long list of experience (listed below) and over the last 4 years have worked on several farms and have part time operated my own landscaping company for more then two years now, doing landscaping and general garden maintenance, like weeding, lawn mowing, hedge trimming etc. Have lots of experience doing agriculture/organic agriculture/working with animals and doing homestead gardening. I study every day to improve my working knowledge plants and how to work the land and it is my dream to settle here in Scandinavia and hopefully one day be able to buy land start my own organic market garden. I have much experience with vegetable production and all aspects of growing food from planting to harvest. Working in greenhouses, land preparation, transplanting and direct seeding. Keeping track of crop health and watering needs and placing irrigation. Plus seed collecting and storage.

Also experienced with calving (Cow Birthing) season and milking cows, (Milking 600 cows in rotary 50 bail dairy shed) and experience keeping other animals including, chickens, sheep, lama's, goats (also milking), pigs and horses. I like animals and care for them as much as I can, to make sure that their well wed, watered and comfortable.

I'm professional, productive, meticulous and self starter. I'm very motivated to work on farms and this is the lifestyle I would like to live. I don't drink, Don't smoke or do drugs. And overall try to live a healthy live and be a productive human being. I'm extremely interested in working on Organic farms and especially in vegetable production although I would consider any type of work. I know how to work with the earthway seeder and paper pot transplanter and how to farm more effeciently.

If you are interested in having me work on your farm or know someone who is in need of productive people to help on the farm then please contact me on

What I am interested in:

1: Please tell me a little bit about your farm?
2: Please tell me a little bit about yourself and please send a picture.
3: Is there anything I should know about before coming to your farm?
4: Do you have accommodation?

In my free time I like to go swimming, lots of time spend researching growing methods and work reduction techniques for increase yields while reducing work load for when I start on my own. I love to go for long walks in Nature and sometimes listed to music. And if I can like to grow my own food in the garden. I'm looking for a peaceful place in nature to live and to be close to the elements.

I would like to relocate to Scandinavia and find a live in harmony with mother nature, in a place where people appreciate each others company. To live a humble live as an earthling in the way how the earth was originally intended. I consider myself and earthling and wish that people accept that.

If you are interested please contact me, I'm currently looking for paid work and also accommodation. Can start A.s.a.p. And can come anywhere in Norway. I also have a drivers license B, I can work with tractors and are familiar to operate large and heavy machinery also with trailer and tractor attachments.

Please do not be shy to contact me, If I contacted you it means I want try and work on your farm and then its up to you to reply back if you are interested in my message. Some pictures of me in the attachment. Feel free to ask any questions or to pass my details to others farmers if you are not currently hiring (only friendly people please).

I speak English and Dutch and hope to hear from you, I'm also trying to learn Norwegian!

Kind Regards,
Sander Boskma

P.s. Open to all offers, including management positions or greenhouse building! Also please only positive people need to respond, after 4 years of travel lots of experience with many different people, no place in my life for people with bad intentions/no demons/no unstable people please. Good references available on request.

P.s.2. I have experience growing different types of plants and being a caretaker of animals, some of my skills include:

- Seeding,
- Mulching,
- Planting,
- Transplanting
- Harvesting,
- Care taking of Seedlings,
- Care taking of young plants,
- Weeding,
- Using different types of hoes,
- Watering,
- Irrigation,
- Animal husbandry,
- Tree Planting and Maintenance,
- Chainsawing
- Fencing,
- Lawn mowing & Whipper snipping,
- Farm and Quad Bikes,
- Tractor experience + PTO and front loader,
- Cleaning, grading and packing vegetables,
- Collecting, cleaning, grading and packing eggs,
- Fruit collection,
- Drying fruits,
- Drying vegetables,
- Seed collecting,
- Machine milking animals (cows),
- Hand milking (cows and goats),
- Hand feeding (baby cows and baby wombats),
- Care taking of chickens,
- Bunching vegetables, (market garden work).
- Light construction,
- Light plumbing,
- Farm irrigation,
- Spraying (Organic solutions and chemicals although I do not work
with dangerous chemicals anymore),
- Record keeping and note taking,
- General observation of the life cycle of the plant in relationship
to the soil and surrounding environment,
- Market work (including the set up of the market and selling vegetables),
- Using (hand tools, Powertools, specialist farm tools, Earthway seeder, mini tiller etc),
- Greenhouse building,
- Light painting,
- Car driving with trailer, (I have a drivers license B).

Thank you for reading.

I have also some pictures over email if you are interested :).

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