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Strategy, Design, Development, and Management For Your Business' Online Needs.
Strategy, Design, Development, and Management For Your Business' Online Needs.


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Captain's Log:
Just because you have multiple gigabytes of memory, doesn't mean you should have to use them all for your own application. When a program gets so big you can't compile it, it's time to rethink the application.

I wonder if, with all the focus around methodologies (like agile development, though I'm not targeting them specifically), platforms and frameworks (like Rails, Grails, etc.), we're losing sight of the concepts of efficient architecture, product scope, and coding?

It just seems that there are more and more things being created today that start off decently, then grow and expand until they break under their own weight, at which time we all just shrug and throw more resources at the problem.

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So Facebook has increased the character limit for status updates (and pretty much any other type of comment in their system) from 5,000 to over 60,000 characters (63,206 to be precise). Couple questions come to mind:

1. Is this a response to Google+ and their equally large maximum post length? If so, isn't the act of raising the bar an acknowledgement by Facebook that Google+ is something to be reckoned with?

2. Facebook also recently shut down it's "Import Your Blog to Notes" feature (where posts on an external blog would be automatically imported into Facebook and become notes). In fact, if your post exceeds 63,206 characters, you're prompted to create a note instead. That would tend to indicate a direction to try to pull bloggers into using Facebook as their blogging platform, not just a publishing point, wouldn't it?

3. Why 63,206? One would assume this is related to how the information is stored within the data model, but the number is unusual enough to make one wonder.

As always, watching the battle is half the fun.
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