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Everyday Motivation
Nights like these which never cease When the warm summer air refuses to hug Tickles of sweat shining on forearms The noise of the silence across the neighborhood An array of mess waiting to be cleared Bullet things to do piling on top of other No drop of sa...

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Weather small talks
From Hibernating under the heater Dragging through the dusky days Wriggling out of winter's wrath Pulling back from depressing emotions Crawling out of the sleepy snow And sobbing into the sleepless froids To Stepping into sunny springs Awaiting the pink bl...

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As young kids to learn about roaches how they've survived thousands of years Much before the humans evaded those days when the dinosaurs thrived they lived, in their tiny little bodies with hard rock armors The ultimate survivors of long lasting famines whe...

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Japanese Schools and High School Students
As a part of Rakuten's IT School Program, I went across 4 schools in different parts of Japan to teach high school students of about age 15-16 to teach them about Cross Border Trading, in English! How the schools looked like In general the school structures...

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Noisy flights and sleepless nights
They are talking about the randomest shit possible the moment you spot them. They are already engrossed into their deep conversation about the fragrance in the air and how its Chinese version available in the streets of Borivali for so cheap.  I'm speaking ...

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What do you see when you look out the glass window of a moving bus? A faint portrait of yourself, Staring in the eye Feeling your pain in the waters floating at the brink? Or do you see, The tim-tim lights Brightening up the entire vicinity Burning itself o...

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Waiting on shore
You have nothing. You have a pile of secrets and lies, and you are calling it love. In the meantime, you are letting your whole life pass by, while, they celebrate anniversaries and grow old together. You are frozen in time. Holding your breath, You are a s...

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Aroma lingers
Tired, exhausted, Stressed, sick, She turns the keys, Switches on the lights. Looks back, something is missing Checks her phone, Zero missed calls, Shuns it away, I don't care. Checks back, something is missing Sinks into the bathtub, Plays with water, Sing...

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Trade-offs for an innocent soul
Premchand, he's the Shakespeare of Hindi Literature. As a kid, I read many of his short stories and long essays to improve my vocabulary in the language. One of my favorites is still a mystery in many ways as I encounter the same story again and again, ever...

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There are Romeos and Juliets Where death doesn't bound love And there are Commonoes and Commonets Where room partitions timeless souls While we tell the world to look beyond their smartphones We sit corners with our ears plugged earphones The day starts fre...
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