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Crystal Hall
Flying away with Peter Pan every chance I get
Flying away with Peter Pan every chance I get

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I should really try to be more active here - I love the design of Google+, I just wish more people would use it instead of Facebook, because I find trying to keep up with more than one social network to be rather annoying. 

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Pictures of snow, plus bonus cats who know where to be on a snow day!
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I've started a book blog! I review books I read and blog about anything literary that catches my imagination. Check it out if you're interested! It will lean heavily towards fantasy and sci-fi, since that's most of what I read, but I've been trying to branch out lately. So there's a sprinkling of mystery, young adult, and historical fiction in there too. :)

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A powerful article on women's unseen contributions to society. It's long, but well worth the read.

So I've decided I really, REALLY love the card idea on G+. (And Google Now, on my phone.) BUT. I really wish I could put in a darker background for more contrast. The white on almost-white just BOTHERS me. #newlook

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For those near Maryland. Open noon-10pm every day this weekend - I'll be there Saturday. Local ska bands, pints of beer, and a kabob truck Saturday and Sunday. 
Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day Weekend at Baying Hound Aleworks! Beer and Ska music!

The band schedule:

7p - The Originators 
8p - Evokatones 
9p - Mimi loco 
10p - Hanso Foundation 


12p - Interstate Rivals 
1p - Kid Goat 
2p - Sovereign Sound System 
3p - The Originators 
4p - 13 Towers. 
5p - Princess 
6p - Forbidden Mission 
7p - Society Fringe Players 
8p - Mavins 
9p - Sick Tight Nasty 


1p - Free Lobster Buffet And then again for another set at a different time 
2p - The Originators 
3p - Christos 

We'll be serving pints all weekend, noon-10pm. Come on out and support local music and local brewers!

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An awesome brewery run by awesome people serving awesome beer. :D
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