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NimBid – A New Era Has Just Begun
NimBid has just launched with a straight forward approach, we want to offer sellers the lowest rates, which enables them to offer good price items to our buyers. If you are a seller looking to have a especially hand crafted package or a long term relation for better value, please feel free to contact support at:
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NimBid is offer free user accounts and Unlimited Free Item postings for a limited time. This offer is just for a limited time frame and can end anytime, without any further notices.
So please don’t wait for the next time you are online, get benefited straight away.
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Contact Information
Contact info
Most Secure & Free To All Online Shopping Platform
 The idea of NimBid originates back to summer 2011, when our 2 directors get engaged in an online voice conversation. Both have been website and software developers, the conversation ends, when they decide providing online shoppers a free, secure online platform, with fewer headaches by bringing together items around the globe together.

Seems like an old idea, but in real NimBid Offers minimum charges to the sellers for listing there items and a small final value (fee up to 2%), which allow sellers to offer their products at a cheaper rates than other platforms in a secure, safe and beautiful environment.

Our commitment to provide superior services at a low rate, with a cool consumer focused environment has allowed attraction of many users so far, where we hope to have many more consumer and many more cool features will be added from time to time. We also have plans to have free listing days once in a week and throughout the Christmas times, because we want to be part of your Christmas.

We welcome all the consumer suggestions, which will add to our list and try to make them available to you as soon as possible.
Please leave us a suggestion from “Tell Us What You Think” page, if you have one.
To discover more about the core beliefs, Read below.Quality - Delivering excellent standards consistently.
Value - We need to deliver exceptional value to our users both buyers and sellers.
Innovation - We need to continue to be at the forefront of innovation in both general platform use and user friendly environment.
Trust – We want to have a proud heritage of customer care and involvement in the community.
Service - is about delivering the highest standard of services to our users.
Service has perhaps the biggest impact on our people. We want everyone who works for us (no matter what role they're in) to be focused on helping us deliver a service people talk about. This in itself has created a set of values, which apply to all our teams.

"It's all about creating a working environment that encourages people to add to their skills, and where they're provided with everything they need to achieve their potential." Razi Abbas

Proud - Our people are proud of the fact they work for NimBid, and of the services they offer to users. They take pride in everything they do.
Committed - Our people are committed to delivering great customer service.
Involved - Our people are informed of new developments and kept up-to-date with the progress of the company.
Challenged - Our people challenge each other constructively every day to ensure we all reach our full potential.
Valued - Our people are rewarded for their contribution to the business.
Fairly treated - Our people are respected and valued, whoever they are.