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Lee McNulty
Hello there, visit my page and join me in my journey back into the world of Music.
Hello there, visit my page and join me in my journey back into the world of Music.

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I just want to say this right up front, this video is a collective 3 songs so it runs 10 mins or so.  The other thing I want you to know that this is no where near a professional production, I did this at Disney World Studio's and was only allowed 2 times through and they recorded the 2nd time through, there was no editing involved so please bear this in mind.  I am just sharing so you can get an idea of my vocal range.  I am a alto all the way through.  I hope you like it.  I am hoping to be recording some more professional stuff in the very near future.  As well as some live performances.  Thank you for listening.

Hi Everyone!
My name is Lee McNulty. Or at least it has been for the past 30 years. I am going back into being a musician. I am a vocalist and play organ/piano. Been away from it for many years but was very much heading professional as a teenager and had been involved since I was 6. At the age of 17 I was playing with a band for about 6 months and everything was clicking, they had been playing for 13 years together. They were at the point that The Cars (classic rock group) was interested in getting us to sign. Well some things changed in my life personally and I just joined the Army to get away from it all on one hand and on the other to make my grandfather proud that someone in the family would carry on the tradition of serving our country. You people laughed at the Private Benjamin movie right, well part of that movie was a bit about me except I wasn't rich and wasn't looking for ways to get out, I just wanted to get through friggin boot camp. Three times through boot people so you crybabys about one stint through? Suck it up, could be worse. LOL Anyhow I am off point. After the Army I married and life took a different turn but none any less rewarding than music for me at the time. My former husband (still very good friend, still family in a sense) and I were very involved in making a difference in the animal world. We fought against importation of parrots into the US along with approximately 20 other people and I am here to tell you right now that there are some organizations out there claiming to have had a hand in it and they are straight out lying about that. So if you support animal rights and want to send your money to someone, then do due research, look at the financial statements of anyone who is claiming to support animal rights. My rule of thumb if 80% of what I send does not directly benefit the care and upkeep of the animals, vet care etc, then they don't get my money period. Starting with the ASPCA they have got to be the worst, putting sob stories on TV tugging heart strings to line their own pockets in a big big way, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. So check into who you send your money too. I support many folks through out that actually fund most of the work from their own pockets and could really use the help, they rescue, house, vet check, adopt out, rehabilitate shoot some of them even risk getting shot at to do what they do. I support them all the time.
Anyhow off topic a bit, sorry. This community I am setting up is because I am getting back into my original dream of becoming a musician and now also Author. I work at a rehabilitation hospital for my bread and butter job and am working on getting up to speed, performing and am working on relearning the organ/piano which I put down earlier in my career to concentrate on vocals and percussion when I was young. I kept praying about it as to how I could do what I wanted which was to get back into music and have it make a difference in the world. When I say that, yes I would like to eventually earn a comfortable living by writing, performing covers from the 60's.70, and some even earlier across the different venues. I like old time country to new day country. R&B, soul, classic rock, some pop, reggae and a bunch of other styles so I do not commit to one particular style. But I want when I perform somewhere for it to stand for something, so my goal is to over the next few years is to write some of my own stuff and then perform for folks with a cause, something they are trying to accomplish. If I believe in the cause then that's the place for me.
So I am setting up this community for music lovers, animal lovers and other artists who believe in some of the same things that I do. Please feel free to contact me directly if you would like me to add certain interests that fall in this area. So thank you for listening to my rant and welcome to my community.

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I love so very many different artists that I don't know where to start with this. I love so many artists from the past and currently. From old time country to modern day country to classic rock, to folk, to pop, reggae. I find joy in all sorts of music and I find joy in performing all sorts of music. I will admit I have a hard time wrapping my brain around classical music, opera or rap but I have even heard a rap song or two that were not terrible.
People ask me what type of music I am personally working on and I have to say what I am writing now is a combination of styles. I don't think I can even put a name to it. It is the same with my vocals. I can perform Johnny Cash to Roberta Flack to Boston. To me it's the song, the meaning or at least what it means to me. I can go very old time country to Janis Joplin. Sometimes what I sing is soft and sometimes its hard. It depends on the song and the way I am feeling at the time i perform it. So I suppose that makes me unique and I like that about myself.
All I do know that is I like making folks smile, dance and be happy. If I am able to accomplish that with my music then for me that's a wonderful day.
Remember To Be Kind To One Another.

Wow I just found my page on here again. I started it 3 years ago and it never really went anywhere back then. I wasn't really capable of using my creativity at that time. I have come a long way from there. I am continuously practicing now and relearning the organ/piano. I am not only performing songs that I performed a long time ago but I am once again writing again. I am pleased to see some things coming together. I will try to post more things as time goes on.
I am looking for some type of camera for audio/video recording to record some of my performances. If anyone has any suggestions on what type of equipment may do a good job for me, please hit me up with the information. Thank you all so much. Remember To Be Kind To One Another.

I am looking to have people interested in my page join and post respectful critiquing.
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