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Terry Palardy
I am not perfect, but I am enough. ~Carl Rogers
I am not perfect, but I am enough. ~Carl Rogers

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The Middle of July?
It's 59 degrees out here at noon in Georgetown, Massachusetts. It was in the high eighties and low nineties with incredible humidity the past few days, and now the storms have brought our temperature down to the spring temps we never had this year. What a s...

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Yes, Today is the Start of Summer Hours, and Row by Row™ 2017 at Quilters' Quarters!
Our shop will now be open four days a week, from noon to six pm. I did manage, in these thirty-six hours, to get the Junior Row by Row official patterns printed ... and the Ninth Row patterns as well. Patterns AND KITS are also ready for our 2017 row, HEROE...

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Row by Row begins Wednesday, June 21st!
In thirty-six hours, Row by Row™ 2017 will begin, and Quilters' Quarters is getting ready ... kicking into high gear now, to get kits together, free patterns printed, fabric license plates ready and ... oh, we're also offering free patterns for Row by Row J...

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Beautiful Fabrics Arriving at Quilters' Quarters!
I have a friend who has been searching for a fabric for several years ... once long ago, she had made a quilted item using this certain red poinsettia cloth, and would like to replicate it but cannot match her remnant to a new fabric. Often, quilters will b...

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April Showers ... but We Have Flowers (fabric, that is!)
April weather here has lived up to its "April Showers" reputation ... but sadly, wildfires rage in south-western Florida where residents are still in drought conditions.  Mother Nature seems to be rebelling against those in power who deny climate change cau...

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Let's Try Again!
I'm game if you are. I don't see snow in our ten day forecast, so the shop will AGAIN try a re-opening tomorrow... Remember, anyone who quilts or belongs to a guild or supports the quilt museum or is just a friendly-quilty-customer will receive a 20% discou...

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Sharing Tips While Waiting for Warmth
As the shop is still closed, I decided I would use this post to offer some reminders that are answers I've suggested to questions that arise in lessons. Threads and Thread Spools Thread comes in many different styles today, and so do thread spools. An easy ...

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Quilters' Quarters is without heat this Spring ... so we're going to wait out the freezing temperatures. We re-opening Saturday April 1st.
Thank you for your patience.

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More Winter Weather Ahead
Quilters' Quarters will remain closed for the rest of the month of March, as more winter weather is forecast for our area. The shop is too cold to enjoy the beauty and reasonable prices; the discounts will still be offered to Spring shoppers who return in A...

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Fewer Hours but Greater Sales
Quilt made of Rick's plaid flannel shirts and others, made by our quilter friends in memory of his work I have reduced the number of days that my quilt/fabric shop will be open as my better half is no longer with me ... Losing Rick early Christmas morning w...
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