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Anton Lopyrev
Co-founder & CTO at Umano
Co-founder & CTO at Umano

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Join me and +Alex Collins for a 2 hour DJ live stream on this rainy Friday afternoon

We are doing a DJ livestream from the +Umano: Listen to News Articles right now. Listen in

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Awesome article!

How Airbnb And Lyft Finally Got Americans To Trust Each Other #umanoapp

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After struggling with trying to figure out how various pieces fit together, I've done some research and put together the complete Android Activity/Fragment lifecycle chart. This has two parallel lifecycles (activities and fragments) which are organized vertically by time. Lifecycle stages will occur in the vertical order in which they're displayed, across activities and fragments. In this way, you can see how your fragments interact with your activities.

In addition to the attached image, I've also got an SVG: which is suitable for printing.

If this is missing lifecycle steps or is inaccurate in any way, let me know so I can update it!

#Android #androiddev  

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Really awesome listen!

Exclusive Interview: Susan Wojcicki's New Plan For YouTube #umanoapp

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Awesome listen! How Music Hijacks Our Perception Of Time #umanoapp
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