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Architectural Blender Project
I love the art style in Dishonored. I want to try building some buildings in blender, I think I might start with buildings like in the second picture, more stone in a worn down sort of environment. I might also just do an old sort of apartment building like...

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Short Story I Wrote
So I've been writing nightly for awhile now. Most of the stories I just end up trashing by the end of the week because I am incredibly unsatisfied, but hey at least its practice. This is a short story that survived the purge this week, I really have no titl...

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Up, not the movie.
These last few days have been great, amazing in fact. Ive been able to control these stupid depressed thoughts for the most part. Yesterday I fell into a bit of a rut, but I was battling time itself and I was losing pretty badly. All in all things are looki...

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4 Day Weekend!
Wooo! I have a 4 day weekend this week! This usually means lots of relaxation and time with friends, but this week it means... TECH! That's right ladies and gentlemen, from 8 AM to 6 PM every day save Sunday, I will be working the lights for our play! What ...

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Busy little Thespian
Well shoot darn rascal, I haven't posted in awhile! Sorry guys, I've been busy with a play and all the technical aspects that go along with that. Any spare time I have is spent keeping myself sane with mind numbing and entertaining games or activities. No, ...

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Lovely Math Moment
You know that moment where you've done a long drawn out mathematical problem, and the answer is in the thousands or hundred thousands, and you're .1 off of the book answer. Just fuck yeah! Close enough bitches! Oh man I love it.

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Music- Boom goes the bass
Boom boom boom goes the bass. The louder it is the quieter
the rest of the world gets, and the less you’re here and the more you’re there.
You embody the feelings in the songs, you live it somehow. It’s an interesting mechanism;
I could stay up all night pl...

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Historical Rewrite
So, here's an idea. What if, ages ago when we landed on this continent, we didn't find less advanced natives? What if we landed here and there was a civilization already built, greater than the countries of Europe at the time? Imagine that. What an interest...

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Broken Streak
Oh my goodness... My father said "I love you, goodnight." An I love you. Well, thats new. On another unrelated note, he's pretty drunk tonight.
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