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Latest internet Russia rumor: Micheal Flynn has flipped on Trump and is now cooperating with the FBI, presumably on an immunity from prosecution deal.

Here's hoping. 

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They'd make a nice couple.

Booker needs to wife up. Not sure Americans are ready to elect a bachelor president. It's happened twice before (Grover Cleveland and the abysmal James Buchanan) but even so. Those are pretty stale precedents.

I know, I know. "Wife up" is a horrible phrase. 

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Okay, leaving aside the obvious misogyny, this is simply a crashing non sequitur. None of this follows, at least I'm not following the logic. 

Skipping lunch today. Not hungry after snarfing those egg mcmuffins this AM.

I pretty much only eat two meals a day, so if I do breakfast -- which is almost never -- lunch falls by the wayside.

Gonna have to sweat out those mcmuffins on the rowing machine later today. 290 calories per. Probably not good calories. But damn they were tasty.

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Money quote:

"When you've got unbridled enthusiasm, people get excited about stuff, and then it runs up against fact," said Michael Yoshikami, CEO and founder of Destination Wealth Management. "The sentiment could change in a heartbeat as soon as a small group of facts conflicts with the sentiment."

The jitters have been further propelled by the raucous debate over health care, and the failure to pass a sweeping reform bill. Wall Street is worried that President Donald Trump and Congress' inability to agree on a measure will derail promised tax cuts and regulatory relief.

The current state of the financial markets is a conflict between equity investors who have pushed the S&P 500 up about 9.6 percent since the November election, and fixed income investors who have held government bond yields — typically a proxy for growth expectations — in check.

"There's a pretty clear signal the bond market is sending, which is that facts aren't being priced in by the market," Yoshikami said."

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Six lessons learned this week, according to Robert Reich.

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With apologies to the Who.

And his dreams are just as empty as his conscience, btw.

Went to McDonald's and treated myself to 3 egg mcmuffins this morning. Haven't done that in a long time.

I can feel my arteries hardening already. Happily, that's covered by the ACA!

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The party of no is having a bit of an existential crisis. How tragic for them.

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Atlas Shrugged: not a good guide for running an actual business.
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