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Bio Scene Clean Up

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Privacy in Your Time of Need
One of the most important tools in our arsenal for dealing
with biohazards is our understanding that sometimes there will be a need or
desire to ensure the privacy of our customers. If a traumatic event has
occurred, it can be incredibly painful to also hav...

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Safety When Handling Biological Waste
Safety When Handling Biological Waste Generally, the most important reason to hire a professional
cleanup crew when dealing with biological waste is the danger posed by bodily
fluids and residue. Aside from any squeamishness you may feel when dealing with

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OSHA Approved Clean up of Contaminated Sharps
OSHA Approved Clean up of Contaminated Sharps   OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health
Administration) regulates the proper disposal of contaminated sharp objects.
Bloodborne diseases present on contaminated sharps are a hazard to those that
handle them. ...

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The Importance of Compassion in Biohazard Clean Up
The Importance of Compassion in Biohazard Cleanup One of the most jarring and painful things about suicides,
deaths, or crime that produces biohazard is the contrast between the
devastation of the loss or damage, and the demands of life. As anyone who has

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Crime Scene Cleanup Lakeland, FL
Bio Scene Clean Up has been providing Crime Scene Cleanup in Lakeland, FL and surrounding cities for decades.  Crime Scene Investigations are much more complex than what most of us see on popular television shows like “CSI”. When a crime occurs, responders ...

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Blood Biohazard Cleanup Services Tampa Palms, FL
At some point during our lives it’s inevitable that we must deal with blood clean up from a trauma, death or some form of accident. Bio Scene Clean Up provides blood cleanup service in Tampa Palms, FL and surrounding cities. When blood leaves the body it ev...

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How to get rid of a biohazard mattress?
Frequently we receive calls from clients asking about mattress disposal and what exactly constitutes a biohazard situation that would require professional disposal.  Bio Scene Clean Up provides biohazard cleanup and waste disposal in Lakeland, Florida . Mos...

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What exactly is emergency response?
Bio Scene Clean Up   provides emergency biohazard cleanup from Crime , Death , Trauma and Blood Scenes.  Each scene we clean has a different set of circumstances, so how do you know what is really a situation that requires emergency response.  The short ans...

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Are landlords responsible to hire a certified biohazard company after crime?
We receive numerous calls from landlords and rental property owners who are faced with the dilemma of dealing with Crime , Death , Suicide and Blood scenes at their properties.  Almost always, we are asked “Are we responsible for the cleanup of these scenes...

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Who we work for
Bio Scene Clean Up provides Death , Crime, Trauma, and Blood cleanup services in Dade City, Florida and surrounding cities.  Many people are aware of biohazard cleanup companies, but they usually don’t understand who we work for. Our services are primarily ...
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