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The Snack Series – Lays BLT
The Snack Series – Lays BLT Price : $2.99 Canadian for a 180 grams bag. Not too bad. Packaging : Bright
blue with a big BLT on the bag. I’m a bit disappointed by the fact
it’s a smaller bag than their usual bigger ones but considering
Lays did some weird ex...

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Metal Bounty Hunter: Volume 11 /// 2017 DOOM SPECIAL
"Doom metal is dead", that's what Reverend Bizarre told us back in 2007 but more than ten years after the final album of the Finns, the genre is still alive and kicking. Thank god! Here's a bunch of demos or extended plays released this year. Canada, German...

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Church of Void – Church of Void (2017) / 83%
is proceeding as I have foreseen Church
of Void from Finland has always been a pretty damn good band but they
never really won me over until their contribution to the split album
“Coalition of the Anathematized” released last year. In the

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The Snack Series - Doritos Sonic Sour Cream
Price: Doritos are getting pricier and pricier but there's no way I'm not gonna try their new flavours! The 250 grams bag was like $4.50 Packaging: The packaging is INTENSE. Bright guacamole green with some purple and a big ass bowl of sour cream and some r...

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The Wandering Midget – From the Meadows of Opium Dreams (2012) / 93%
The contender to the Finnish trad doom throne In light of the new split between The Wandering Midget and the Hands of Orlac, I’ve decided that it was time to finally review this grandiose album. Let’s start with the obvious elephant in the room: One cannot ...

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The Snack Series - Doritos Mojo Citron & Doritos Heatwave
Doritos Dinamita mojo citron - 4/5 Another of those special Doritos experimental flavours. Compared to the others, this one isn't spicy. There's a little tangy but the dominant flavor is lime. The corn flour taste is predominant too and it's enjoyable. I re...

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Possessed Steel – Possessed Steel (2014) / 80%
“ ODIN CALL THUNDER FROM THE SKY!” The Toronto band is about their new record so let’s go back to their debut EP before they do, shall we? The quartet plays honest and powerful epic heavy metal. They’re in between bands like Cauldron, Phantom, Axxion and Cr...

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Dwoom – Pale Mare Demo MMXVII (2017) / 85%
Swedish Rules Divine - Part 2 I always preferred the Finnish doom scene but the mighty Sweden always delivers the good. I’m not exactly crazy about their current crop of traditional doom (see Below or Anguish) but their stoner scene is pretty healthy with b...

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Ceremonial Bloodbath – Command Sacrifice (2017) / 82%
Sliced open by a rusty ceremonial dagger The new quartet from Vancouver formed by members of Ahna, Haggatha and Mudlark plays unadulterated, intense death metal. The quasi-raw demo contains five tracks and most of them are over the five minutes tracks. The ...

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Emblem – Emblem (2017) / 88
Newfoundland's soldiers of steel Heavy metal from Newfoundland, eh? Yes, sir and it's awesome. The debut self titled album sounds like if the maritime province is still an English territory and never entered the Canadian confederation in 1949. Their sound i...
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