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Hello everyone,

First of all, don’t forget to update your wallet from MonacoCoin to Monoeci. In some weeks, the old wallet will not be able to synchronize anymore with the blockchain. You can find the Monoeci wallets here:

You can find the tutorial to update your wallet and masternodes from MonacoCoin to Monoeci here:

We made a totally new tutorial to create a Monoeci masternode, you can find it here : (PDF to download)

We uploaded the Ubuntu 16 version of the Monoeci wallet.

We have a meeting with Monaco government Friday 15th.

Summary of the rebrand in January:

- New website
- MonacoCoin officially becomes Monoeci (The transition has begun)
- Increase of masternode rewards from 2 to 5 XMCC
- Burn of 20% of the coins in reserve (then 20% again in March and in May)

Moreover, we will surely make a new wallet to have a better design.

Still perfect on the schedule for the rebrand in January!

After the rebrand, we have a really exciting announce to make.

After an important demand from the community, we created a discord:

We will slowly switch to Discord. After some weeks, slack will be deleted.

You can find us on :

Slack :
Twitter :
Facebook :

Thanks again for your support!

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Hi, everyone
Very good news the network at more 900 masternodes .

Many thank's for your support .
Do not forget to update your wallet with new version 12.2 (

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Hello everyone,

The new version of our wallet has been released :

A tutorial to update your wallet is available here :

The tutorial was written by our lead developper, sorry for the mistakes in english.

This update is mandatory, in the weeks to come, the wallet not updated will not be able to synchronize with the Monoeci blockchain. Don't worry, even if you're late on the update, the funds will not be lost.

Everything is going smoothly for the rebrand in january, stay tuned !

Thanks for your support !

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Hello everyone ,

Sorry for being late on the newsletter, we have a lot of work lately with the rebrand.

The logo for Monoeci has been decided. It was voted by the community and it was our favourite too.

We are actually working on the development of the new website, made by a professional. Everything will be ready in time.

The new wallet is in private beta, we will wait to be sure there is no bug before releasing it. The update will be mandatory for masternodes and main wallets.

We are still developing our network in Monaco, and we had some interesting meetings lately that could really benefit to the project in the months to come. We will tell you more about it once everything will take shape.

We will meet with the Monaco government in two weeks to talk about the development of Monoeci and our involvement in the development of a blockchain ecosystem in Monaco.

Thanks for your support.

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Hello everyone,

The new version of our logo is here !
Thanks for your votes. The new wallet will already integrate the new logo.

We are working a lot on our rebrand, January will be a date to remember for our project.

Thanks for your support !

#MonacoCoin #Monoeci $XMCC

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Hello @everyone,
We had a meeting Friday with Monaco government. We talked about our name, and we agreed on different propositions. The name we will take is Monoeci. So from now on, the government authorizes our project and our initiative, but Monoeci is not linked to them in any way.

We planned to conduct one meeting per month with the government to discuss Monoeci and other projects related to the blockchain in Monaco.

A lot of changes are coming. Everything will take place at the beginning of January. We will operate a total rebranding :

- New website
- New name
- New logo

We will finally release the new whitepaper at the same time, the meeting with the government gave us the inspiration to take the project to an higher level. We will make the most of the traction generated by those events to get new exchanges like Bittrex, HitBtc, Binance, Chinese and Korean exchanges.

The reward increase from 2 to 5XMCC for the masternodes, and the first burn of 20% will take place at the same time.

We will begin to make small-scale tests of Monoeci in the Principality of Monaco after the rebrand.

We are recruiting news members in our team, devs and marketers to help us achieve our projects.

We are creating a Monégasque Association to teach people about blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. We feel that is what is needed to attract a lot of investors and users in our project.

Our visibility is increasing day after day in the Principality, with this rebrand, we will reach new heights.

We are available on Slack, Btctalk and Twitter to answer all your questions.

Thanks for your support,
MonacoCoin Team

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Direct live Monaco Esport Master 2017 Clash royal with @trapaoc #xmcc @grimaldi_forum

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Live from Monaco gaming lounge ! #MonacoCoin $XMCC

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Mics Gaming Lounge 2017 Monaco

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