Free Nook with New York Times subscription!
Barnes & Noble announced today that "customers who purchase a one-year NOOK subscription to The New York Times will receive a top-rated NOOK Simple Touch at no cost or the award-winning NOOK Color for just $99." This is one of the most sensible things that I've seen a newspaper do in years! It is also something that I kind of predicted... :-) Now, hopefully, the Times will follow this up by enriching the Nook product so that it becomes the preferred way to read the New York Times in the future. Also, I hope that they expand the breadth of services they provide on the Nook in order to create a broader range of revenue-generation opportunities.

Back in June, 2009, I pointed out on +Jeff Jarvis ' blog,, that you could get a Kindle "free" simply by subscribing to the New York Times. The reason this was true was that the Kindle version of NYT was cheaper than the paper version and the savings would pay for a new Kindle after either 10 or 13 months -- depending on which version you bought. (Of course, today's payback would be different.) To read my 2009 comment on Jeff's blog, see: to read the Barnes and Noble press release, click the link below.
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