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BCI has been traditionally applied to control scenarios. The counter-part to control is monitoring. Combine control and monitor together and suddenly BCI becomes a more multi-purpose and powerful tool.
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hi one of your nurosky mindwave head sets was used on me without my consent. they were banned in 2013 for illegal surveillance. I can now here 3 peoples voices in my head distinctively ( Carla, Jeanette & grahme mander  sometimes in my left ear or right ear but mainly in my head they are real people who live at 10 ruby ave Langford 6147 94589920 0404218272 they hear what I here they see what I see they can read what I'm thinking I am asking  for help to prove a device has been used on me please the above numbers are for the mander residence. & Carla manders mobile number they will deny everything as they are afraid they will go to jail. please as soon as you can reply to this I am asking for help this is not a hoks no jokes
thankyou kris 0484190473 please contact me
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