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Breaking the chains of addiction since 1984
Breaking the chains of addiction since 1984


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Ever since he stood up and spoke out for the first time in public, William C. Moyers has carried the message about the power of addiction and the promise and possibility of recovery to audiences across the United States. As the Vice President of Public Affairs at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Moyers has dedicated his life to moving people, perceptions and policies away from a focus on the problem to a solution grounded in health care. Moyers’ presentation is a call to action for everyone motivated to help people overcome substance use disorders. And for the first time in his 21-year career at Hazelden Betty Ford, Moyers brings his message to the Canada.

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This is a MUST ATTEND two day conference with Continuing Education Hours.

Educate yourself on evidence based treatment for addiction recovery.

September 7th and 8th, City of New Westminster Anvil Centre

To learn more or to REGISTER for the conference event of the year visit

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Eric Bourgault, He is a Wellness Coach and Consultant today on Talk Recovery , we are talking about internet addiction - can you unplug from the internet ?

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REGISTER TODAY, Canada's leading addiction recovery conference, stronger connections = stronger communities. The two day conference includes the Portuguese Experience, workplace recovery issues, local community solutions, to trauma recovery. The conference is on September 7th and 8th followed by Recovery Day BC on September 9th 2017. Register at
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According to the CDC, more than 33,000 Americans died from opioid overdose in 2015—with NEARLY HALF of them involving a prescription opioid. In Canada, the numbers are in the thousands as well. Do you know what Recovery Capital is? Are you equipped with the best evidence based informed treatment options? Global addiction recovery experts will gather September 7th and 8th in the City of New Westminster.
Learn more here.

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British Columbia as well as Canada is facing an overdose epidemic. At the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada delegates will learn about how Canadians receiving Opioid agnostic therapies has skyrocketed since 2010, unlike Portugal who claims a drastic reduction receiving similar treatment and the lowest mortality rate from overdoses. As Vancouver considers decriminalization, legalization and an increase in prescription diacetylmorphine, we must talk and take pause to reevaluate our recovery systems of care and all four pillars.
Delegates of the conference will gain knowledge about evidence based treatment, what Recovery Capital is, and how it can help.
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Overcoming Addiction - Thank you to all the media members who attended today's Press Event announcing the results of Canada's first ever "Life In Recovery Survey" along with details pertaining to the Capital Recovery Center and Recovery Day BC.
Watch the Press Release here
The report compiles the results of a national survey of people in recovery from addiction to alcohol and drugs, and shows that recovery is linked to positive citizenship, engagement with family, friends, the community and the workforce. It demonstrates the critical need for recovery-based strategies as Canada deals with the ongoing opioid crisis.
In total, 91% of participants in the survey reported that their quality of life was either excellent, very good or good after recovery had been initiated — a finding that offers hope for people living with addiction.
MORE THAN HALF of survey respondents (51.2%) achieved stable recovery without experiencing a single relapse when engaged in recovery services.
Compared with life during active addiction, when describing recovery respondents were more likely to report having stable housing (95.9% versus 65.4%), participating in family activities (90.3% versus 31%), remaining steadily employed (79.1% versus 52.6%), paying bills (93.5% versus 42.2%) and taxes on time (77.4% versus 43.4%), regularly volunteering for community service activities (66.8% versus 14.4%) and planning for the future (88.8% versus 22.3%).
The Report on the survey has 84 pages of data to supporting recovery as an option for addiction health care. A full presentation on the Life in Recovery Survey will be presented at the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada in the fall at the conference.
The recovery advocacy movement is making itself heard in Canada, alerting policy makers of the millions of people, once suffering silently from addiction, now living healthy, drug-free and engaged lives with the help of evidence based Recovery Oriented Treatment Services.
The Recovery Capital Conference inspired by the Life in Recovery Survey will be held on September 7th and 8th 2017.
International speakers will present evidence-based recovery practices. One of our keynote speakers from Dr. João Goulão, Portugal, will help us understand how we can better implement European models such as the Portuguese Model.
Portugal integrated decriminalization and treatment using their Commission of Drug Dissuasion. Portugal went from having one of the worst mortality rates in the world to one of the lowest in 15 years. Dr. Goulão will be joined by over 20 other recovery experts.
Research has shifted from the pathology and short-term addiction treatment modalities to include more focused attention to recovery. Conference participants will learn those factors that seem to make people with substance use disorders more resilient. These characteristics have been termed ‘Recovery Capital’.
Recovery Capital is not a fixed value, it diminishes during active addiction and increases during sustained recovery. Recovery Capital may be grouped in four categories – internal: human and physical; and external: social and cultural.
The conference is part of Recovery Week BC which runs September 4 to September 10, with Recovery Day BC being held on September 9th. The street festival is a celebration for recovery, with thousands of recovery voices advocating for recovery. Supporters and families members who are have been effected by addiction, are also welcome to meet the 50 + Mental Heath and Wellness Information Booths.
September 9 at 3 PM Recovery Day BC will hold a province-wide Moment of Silence for those we have lost in the overdose crisis.
Let's overcome addiction with Recovery.
• September 4 to 10 – Recovery Week
• September 6 – Speakers Tour of the Services
• September 7 – Health Care Stakeholder Meetings
• September 7 & 8 – Recovery Capital Conference of Canada
• September 9 – Recovery Day BC Festival
• September 9 – Province Wide Moment of Silence for the Over Dose Crisis 3 pm
More details at
Register today at

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Family Fun Day put piles of smiles on so many faces. Humor is part of the recovery journey, so please make sure you're having fun in recovery.... because recovery is possible. Special thanks to all our volunteers who make our events possible. This summer is jammed packed with recovery.. Save these dates - Recovery Speaks: It's yOUR story - New Westminster, Clean Sober and Proud, Untoxicated Festival, Pride Float, Door Boy Week at Rainbow Lodge Recovery Retreat, New West Recovery Sports Day, Ride Out For Recovery, Recovery Capital Conference of Canada, and Recovery Day BC ..see you there. View the full gallery here

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staying sober during life events
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