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Life is a challenge, meet it...
Life is a challenge, meet it...

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Sing along
I want to hug whoever wrote this.

Or sing along. Either works.

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Fascinating story in several aspects.
This is truly evil IMHO. Allwinner backdoor, baked right into the kernel.

UPDATE Here some more info, including a list of distros that have this backdoor:

UPDATE2 Quoting +Peter Robinson 

"This is one of the major reasons why +Fedora ARM ONLY supports upstream kernels even if it's sometimes not to users liking! I'd sooner have less HW support and know that we're not providing pre rooted device access."

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Indeed, it's an really amazing animation

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What a time to be alive!

via +Russ Abbott

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This is a great initiative (that, sadly, I can contribute absolutely nothing to, but if you can help, please do so!), and +Eric Haines brings up a good point in general. There are a lot of valuable digital resources that go 404 after a number of years.

However, one problem with archiving is that the web is a living, changing thing. Yes, storage is cheap, we should archive things. But without digging into particular case you don't know if some article went 404 because the author removed it as inaccurate, because the domain was sold, or because the storage device and backups failed. So, context and seeing the change over time is important. I think that to effectively back up your favourite parts of web, you have to put it in version control instead of zips, though zips are a better alternative than "nothing".

So, I looked around and found this site - . And they have a scraper as well (, with parsers for some scientific journals, and you can write your own parser definitions. Something like this, saving data in a git repository on a large storage device (and a working git client on the disk as well) would work quite nicely. It could also be super helpful in case of Zombie Apocalypse, or being stranded on Mars.

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This is really cool, both for just fun things (I have to share this with our video team!) and for things like accessibility - using this for dubbed videos or live translations.
An ordinary PC is enough to transfer the facial expressions from one person onto the image of another. Watch just 20 sec of this video and be completely weirded out.
I'm thinking Google Hangouts. Talk to anyone, as anyone. (Copying voices is for next year.)

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Good, it is. Share I must.
People, I am tired of your bad Yoda talk. Pick up your Yoda game with these five rules.
1. Make each utterance into a sentence - with a subject and an object and containing just one fact.
The sentence "Your Yoda talk is shit." contains two facts - firstly that you speak Yoda, secondly that it is shit. Each of these facts needs a unique sentence. You speak Yoda. It is shit.
2.. Where possible convert the verb to present participle with an auxiliary verb.
For example "You speak Yoda" becomes "You are speaking Yoda". Dont' be afraid of the present tense, Yoda understands the eternal nature of now. Participles express Yoda's acceptance of the transience of all things. 
3. Put the participle and object at the beginning of the sentence, and move the subject and auxiliary verb to the end. If your verb is just one word, keep it at the end.
Our sentences become: "Speaking Yoda you are. Shit it is."
4. Remember Yoda is an eminent pedagogue. Add a suggestion for improvement. Use the word "must" if possible. 
"Speaking Yoda you are. Shit it is. Follow the rules you must."
5. Finish with an ear wiggling "mmmm".

Applying these rules, the example below becomes a much improved:
"Doing it again I am. Oops it is. Stop I must. mmmmm." 

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TIL that there is a special day for translations. It was interesting to see other the organisations that participate in this initiative on Amara, like Scientific American, DOIT and Goldin Institute.

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This is both absolutely amazing and slightly terrifying at the same time. Also interesting to note that his grammar is much better than the synthetic voice intonations. Spoken language is hard.
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