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Eric Goulet - Living the Dream.
Eric Goulet - Living the Dream.


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Low on the carbonation and at 6 IBU, this beer has more of a wine than a beer profile. Château d’Ychouffe is the result of a blend of La Chouffe golden ale wort and juice of sweet dessert wine grapes from Château du Cros.

This is the best english writing of the beer's story I've found: "When Brewery Achouffe celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012, the dwarf Marcel was offered a trip to the lovely little “Pineau river” in Bordeaux.
Like the source in the woods of Cédrogne, the water of the “Ruisseau de Pineau” has medicinal qualities for dwarves.
When Marcel arrived, he met other dwarves there, who were wine growers. He started talking to them and discovered that the “Pineau” dwarves grow their grapes in an area covering 66 ha near the stream. Using the must from these grapes, they produce a fine dessert wine, Sauternes. Before returning to the land of Achouffe, Marcel placed an order with them for must from two hectares of vines. This must was delivered to Brewery Achouffe, where it was added to La Chouffe beer to obtain a unique and perfect fermentation. This delicious drink of 8,5% alc./vol. should be savored among friends as an aperitif or with dessert."

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Apparently this is a thing.
What caught my eye first was the table (I have the same one purchased in Germany from Hela -- German Home Depot) and the bottle shape of our locally brewed Bitburger. I saw a taste of home in the video.

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I grew tired of having the shoulder of an old man and busted ankles. I'm trying bodybuilding / lifting heavy things as a treatment. Two months in and I am experiencing positive results. My only goal is helping my body stay strong with age.

This video isn't my inspiration, but I did stumble on it at about the time I started this path. I sure as heck wouldn't have pegged him as 70. Can most of humanity pull this feat off or is his DNA special?

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This is about as close to IPA Day as I can get.

Have one for me, beer brewers and imbibers!


As a meeting adjourned today, the [Christian] Chaplain closed with an 'Inspirational Quote': "Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance." -- Epicurus

I smiled seeing this. I also pondered how he came to choose this quote. Was it a random selection from a website or book of quotes that someone else has deemed inspirational? or was it knowingly chosen even though Epicurus and Epicureans have very different perspectives from Christians?

#Epicurean #F  

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My favorite microbrew while on my couple week trip back to the United States was the Oak Aged Robust Porter made with Wild Yeast by Props Craft Brewery in Fort Walton Beach, FL. 

The oak was strong with this one... and I loved the brett factor.

Now I just need to concoct an alcohol-free version that I can enjoy while deployed.  :-p

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Every day is a work day for us when deployed with the military. Though on the 4th of July we had some time to drive to Macedonia for a day trip.

With it being our first trip there, no GPS, and a different alphabet, we had a bit of an adventure getting there. When we finally arrived we saw a massive herd of people. Little did we know there was a protest planned for the day (specifics below). I darted through the crowd to make our way to the lunch destination rather than hang out to see what goes down. While eating, we could hear irregular booms of cannon fire. Also while eating lunch, we had the pleasure of encountering the cat from the Pet Cemetery. The thing looked scraggly and un-dead, but was very much alive wanting attention. I was just waiting for it to go evil and attack my coworker. Once we got some lunch into us, we roamed the city until the sun was low and it was time to head back. The photos tell the story from here.
Hundreds of stone-throwing ethnic Albanians protesting a court ruling clashed Friday with Macedonian police, who fired water cannon and tear gas at the crowd to prevent them from storming a court building.

Police said about 2,000 people gathered in Macedonia's capital, Skopje, to protest the life sentences imposed this week on six ethnic Albanian Muslims convicted of murdering five Christian fishermen, in an alleged plot to destabilize the country. The six men deny the charges and their lawyers said there was no material evidence against them.

The Easter 2012 shootings of the fishermen, in a lake near Skopje, fueled simmering tensions between Macedonia's Christian Orthodox majority population and the mostly Muslim ethnic Albanian minority.
Macedonia '14
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I have Ubuntu GNOME and Xubuntu installed on separate partitions with /home as its own partition. I can boot both (and Windows) perfectly with GRUB. What I'd like, is for applications to work on both flawlessly. How do I do this?

More specifically, +Steam. When I boot GNOME, I see Steam and all the games and everything works. When I boot Xubuntu, I see the games (shortcuts and such), but they don't work because it doesn't think Steam is installed. I'd like for both to work side-by-side, if possible. Any tips? Need more information?

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*This is for the beer lovers. *
I pulled up YouTube this morning for some tunes while I work. YouTube was suggesting something I've never heard of, so I gave it whirl.

I have no idea what is being said in the video other than bier and bitte. However, between living in Germany, being deployed, enjoying beer, and the rediculousness of this video, I started the morning with a laugh.

Enjoy... and back to work for me.

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Being a beer lover from Rhode Island, it may be a bit strange that this is my first Narragansett. I'm not to big on lagers, but I'm loving this on my vacation.

A little Ubuntu GNOME in the background too...
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