30 Days of Meditation: Meditate Angry, day 2

(yesterday’s) lesson:
Make yourself meditate (or exercise or your own ______ good-for-you-thing) and you’ll feel better no matter how pissed off you are.

What happened:
Woke up late and walked the dog in a 50 mph skin-burning, mascara-melting wind. The kind that convinces you hell is cold and plays a lot of Garrison Keillor. I looked like a revival of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, with the sniffles.

Between car and office, there’s a code-red WTF text from a client demanding something I’ve never heard about. Plus emails. Plus paperwork. Plus I’m the only car in the parking lot, a cruel reminder that the rest of the world is going to a movie and having boozy brunch today.

Despite the hour (11 am) all signs point to a Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. Yay 2012.

What I did:
Made my to-do list, checked my email, turned on the space heater in my brightly lit but quaintly heated office and did my 10 minutes o’ meditation. Despite the deluge of to-dos and shoulda-already-dones.How I did it: Used the breath to push energy from my solar plexes to all corners of my pissed off, coffee-spilled, ice-cold, way behind self. Literally felt energy going up and out, pushing the mean reds out.

How I felt:
At the beginning, I was hunched over with my hands shoved between my thighs for warmth. Not exactly open to the gifts of the universe but sometimes body heat trumps Om-Shanti. By the end, I was sitting straight and tall, feeling 100% awake and turned the EFF-OFF energy to ON energy. Sounds annoying, but it’s actually true.OK now onto that text. I’m ready.

Note: I'm doing all this double duty right now til (and if) I figure out to how link up my tumblr posts and my google+
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