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Official Google+ page for FutureRP!
Official Google+ page for FutureRP!

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Mega Link Clicks & Power Hour have been activated for 12 hours!

The Power Hour double experience event has been extended to 24 hours for today only!

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An additional set of badges have been added for "reaching a Monster Farm level +X above your character level".

It's Double Points week! All points purchases will be awarded double points until Friday 17th! (login required).

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The long-anticipated return of the Monster Farm is finally here! (requires log-in).

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Halloween Land is back! Visit the Haunted Maze to receive a brand new, limited edition item! 

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All FutureRP players have been awarded free gifts! Check your in-game messages for more details.

In addition, there will be a new hourly, lottery-like, Credit Multiplier casino game released early this week. For more information, or to help with the design process, please visit the following link:

We've had something like this before, a long time ago. It'll be great to see it back!

The search results page now includes both player and guild results, sorted by activity and alphabetically by name. In the near term, it would be nice to see some extra columns, such as member size, player level, etc.

In addition, a new privilege has been added for guild ranks: "Award Points". Previously, guild members with vault management privileges could also award vault points. As requested, this has been split off into a separate privilege, for guild security reasons.

If your guild members are meant to be able to award points, you will need to enable this new privilege for their ranks.

Lastly, there will be some details about new skills posted in the internal forums today/tomorrow. It's going to be quite interesting to see how it turns out.
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