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Google Classroom and Kindergarten
Hi! I am a kindergarten teacher/tech mentor at my school. My school is Preschool-Grade 1. Our middle school and high school, and some of our upper elementary grades, have been using Google for a while, but it has taken a while for things to filter down to my grade level.
Our district is going all Google next year. So the tech mentors in my school district have been doing the Google Fundamentals Training. I’ve been reading about Google Classroom and another tech mentor and I set up a practice class so we could play around with the features.
Are there any kindergarten teachers using Google Classroom? Do you have any advice or tips? Do you have Chrome Books or iPads? How are you using Google Classroom with kindergarten students/parents? If you do Google Classroom, do you also have a Google Site?
Next year my district is going to pilot Google Classroom with a few teachers. I like what I am reading about Google Classroom. I can definitely see it being used in upper grades-just not able to picture what it would be like with kindergarten. For those already using Google Classroom, what are your thoughts?
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