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Paul Briones

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There is nothing like Tommy James & The Shondells! I used to have a 72 VW, would bring the Windows down and crank up the volume to this tune cruising down the highway to go visit my sweetheart 75 miles away in the early mid 1970's!

Paul Briones

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My favorite Rock Band!

Paul Briones

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My musical HERO and ICON! Thank you for you music and your vision...You have everything to do with whom I have become!

Paul Briones

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This website will motivate biology teachers and help them empower young people who want to learn Biology!
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This is the place to go, to get Professor's Paul ideas and new music!
Host/Co-Creator of Virtual Science University, PreAP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology Instructor & Bio-EduTainer
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San Antonio, Kermit, Pecos, Granbury, & Odessa, Texas
Presidio-Pecos-Kermit, Texas - San Antonio, Granbury, Pecos, Odessa, San Jose, Ca, Phoenix, Arizona
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Paul is a Science Edu-Tainer who believes in living every day as if it is your last and for that reason believes in the Proper Stewardship of Talent and Gifts. You can find his music at and Check out Paul as he plays in his role as Science Edu-Tainer. He believes we all have an accountability to our Creator for the gifts he has given us. As a Teacher/Instructor/Professor, he has always dedicated his full attention to this endeavor of educating and empowering young people. Since the days of "Friday Night Lights" (Fall of 1988), he developed a new way of teaching young people using the musical-rhythmic input-intellect originally called "Biology In Song" and now called Briones MILC( Multiple Inputs Learning Concept) which is now in its full implementation in Virtual Science University.  

Because of his passion for teaching Biology, he has been given the title "Professor Paul" by his life-long friend Arnulfo Tarin Carrrasco MD. He is passionate about his profession and for this reason has stepped out of the traditional classroom and into the virtual classroom. He sees many changes that need to take place.  Paul knew back in 1988, that the assembly method of teaching using the Textbook, Lecture, Handouts, Lab, Review, and Major Test was not working for many groups of students.  When he was at MOJO, with the encouragement of the Late Joseph Rutledge, who was Paul's Teaching Supervisior, in the Summer of 1990, he made a trip to the MidWest and visited University of Iowa.  That trip made a tremendous impact on his teaching because it introduced him to Robert Yager Ph. D. , author of the Multiple Inputs of Learning and Howard Gardner Ph.D., author of the Multiple Interlligence Model, who is a Harvard University Hobbs Professor in Cognition  and who has contributed immensely to PROJECT ZERO.  The Multiple Intelligence Theory was developed in 1983.  

Paul studied as much as he could since the Inter-Net was not full and running.  With the initial handouts he received from the University of Iowa, Paul knew that this info was groundwork for a new way to teach young students.  In 1992, when he attended a TABE Conference in Houston, Tx, he knew he was at the beginning of using elements of the Multiple Interlligence Theory. Since then, he has been writing original music for the Science Classroom.  For this reason, five years ago he attended a very important meeting with the PRISE Research Group from Texas A & M (Home of Johnny Football) that changed his perception permanently about Science Education in the State of Texas! For this reason, he has created his own Science Education Show under the Carrasco Media umbrella. His Show Virtual Science University is produced by the Carrasco Media Group under Executive Producer and  lifetime childhood friend Arnulfo Tarin Carrasco MD. 

Paul's Paternal family is Tejano or Texican, Californio, and Native American with its Paternal Grandparents family roots going back to the late 1700's and his Paternal Maternal family roots going back 10 plus generations. His Paternal Great Grandmother is from Rancho Los Pilarcitos now known as Half Moon Bay, California. His Paternal Great Grandfather and Great Great Grandfather to back to the Californios of the late 18th Century and His Paternal Great 6th Generation Ancestors came from San Luis Potosi, San Luis Postosi, Nueva Espana and Bolinas, Alta California in the late 1700's according to information given to him by his late Second Cousin, Ruperto Briones during the 1996 Briones Family Reunion, personal family information given to him by his Maternal Grandmother, and Jeanne McDonnell's recent book on "Juana Briones Of 19th Century California," Arizona Press. 

Paul's Paternal Grandfather, Pablo Briones was born at Sierra Mojada, in 1861 now known as Pine Falls Canyon. He had a gift for using Native Big Bend Plants as Medicinal Herbs. His Grandfather worked mining Cinnabar (HgS) or Mercury Ore at the Mariscal Mine in Boquillas-Big Bend National Park, Texas and later mining Silver in Shafter, Texas. He also learned to make wedding rings out of silver. He made his own wedding rings when he married Francisca Tejeda Briones in 1899 and when Paul's Dad married his Mom. Paul's Grandfather made the wedding rings for Paul's uncles, aunt, and their wives and husband. 

Paul's Grandfather(Pablo) and his wife, Francisca went upstream the Rio Grande from Sierra Mojada to Redford, Texas to start their family in 1899. There, they had their family. Paul's Father, was born along the US side of the Rio Grande in Redford, Texas. His Mother was born along the Mexican side of the Rio Grande at Palomas-Mulatto, Chihuahua, Mexico. His Paternal Extended Family farmed the flood plains of Terlingua Creek, known as Abaja Terlingua long before the first Mexican families were brought in the early 1900's. His Paternal Extended Family were Pima Native Americans from Tubac in Southern Arizona which were mistaken many times for Chisos Apache and Taruhmara Indian from the Northern State of Chihuahua close to Camargo, Chihuahua and La Baranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon). One of his Extended Relatives, Cipriano Hernandez, was the first Hispanic who built the first permanent structure in Castolon in 1901, now part of Big Bend National Park. His other extended relative, Agapito Carrasco, founded the settlement of "El Ojito" downstream from Castolon immediatlely following. 

Agapito is also the great uncle of Dr. Arnulfo T. Carrasco, who now runs a state of the art Rehabilitation Institute in San Antonio, Texas. 

Paul was devestated that he never knew his Paternal Grandfather since his Grandfather Pablo Briones passed in July of 1937 in Redford, Texas long before Paul was born. Because of his family orgin, Paul has now adopted Big Bend National Park, the Castolon-Cottonwood Campgrounds, Stenson Beach, California, Bolinas, California, Briones, California, Half Moon Bay, California, and Los Altos, California as his own. He has written several songs about Big Bend National Park and the Rio Grande. His songs are powerful and filled with emotion. His reception and affirmation that he received at the 2009 Big Bend Natural History Association Meeting and the response he received recently from PAST Presentation in Palo Alto, California after sharing his original Texican Blues Rock Song about his 4G Great Aunt Juana Briones de Miranda, "Juana, You Will Always Live"  is evidence of the quality of his creative work and the LOVE he has for his Briones Family Members!

All The Best and Good Cheer and Happy New Year 2013 from Paul O. Briones aka TerlinguaKID & FlyingMidiEagle1  Briones!
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