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Gun are like cats.

If you have a gun/cat it's because you grew up with one or think life is better with one around.

If you have two, you're a gun/cat "person". It's kind of a hobby

If you have more than 2 guns/cats there better be a hell of a whopper of a story of how/why you acquired #3,#4,#5.. otherwise you're the nut with a house full of guns/cats.

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Cool game concept to back

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It's hard to put into words just how PISSED I am at the arrogance of this person. I pick up trail trash and take great care to not mess up the wilderness I visit.
Her actions should result in a lifetime ban from all places accessed with an interagency pass plus a hefty fine.

".. gifted and talented. But gets easily frustrated by mistakes. If he could get along better with others and apply himself he'll be a world beater" -paraphrase of my 3rd grade report card comments and also Tony Romo's scouting report #NFL #Cowyboys

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Little Lakes Valley
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"There are no rules requiring seismic studies before wells begin operations, " from the LA times about Oklahoma earthquakes.
The problem isn't so much the procedures but the utter lack of reasonable regulation #fracking

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This girl is awesome. Hopefully the scholarship includes housing.
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