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Hello, all!

My name is Paul and I'm mapping out rides around Austin, Texas and bringing as many folks along as I can. I lead the Friday Truancy Rides and the Saturday MOTR Rides for Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop at 4th/Nueces. I'm an honorary club officer for The University of Texas Cycling Club. Regular rides include the Tues 7am Violet Crown ride from Mellow Johnny's, the Wed 7pm Nelo's Club ride from his shop on Mesa, the Thurs 7am Violet Crown ride from Mellow Johnny's, the Fri 2:30pm Truancy Ride from Mellow Johnny's, the Sat 8:30am MOTR Ride from Mellow Johnny's and either the Sun 8am Team 787 Ride or the 8:15am Violet Crown Recovery Ride from Mellow Johnny's.

Let's ride bikes!

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Allez Allez Into The Alps with +***** -

RT @mellowjohnnys: Congrats to Stacy Tyler and Paulie Goldman our 2012 Tour Challenge Winners for Stages 6&7 #MJTC

RT @hornerakg: Pre-TT snack. Team chef is doing a great job this year - makes it easy to keep eating even 9 days into the race!

Approximately 8.25 million cyclists rode Saturday's MOTR ride from @MellowJohnnys to Creedmoor, Texas with @UTC…
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