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Is it's name really "Clippy"?

Interesting idea posited here, especially because I know a few tablet users who could actually use haptic feedback (like, a lot of it!) Just so long as it never appears in the form of a silly character...

Also, for all you sci-fi geeks, anybody remember THX1138, starring Robert Duval? If so, perhaps you'll recall the ambient technology used in the bathrooms when people would go to the medicine cabinet? A female voice would ask "What's wrong?," and, if I remember correctly, could offer immediate assistance.
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Ah, yes! Man, what an awesome movie. Have you ever seen the original THX student film Lucas did while still in college?
Probably the first of the Star Wars sequels, the one I won't name and refuse to watch.
Clippy was so universally disliked. Potentially they could come up with something sans the annoying personality.
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