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Jaro O.
Does it vibrate? 
Jaro O.
Just finished listening to the podcast.. loved the end.. should become a feature of the podcast, like the app attic, abdomen the others..
Jaro O.
Does this qualify me for the draw for the kindle? If not, then it doesn't matter.. hard a good laugh once again..
It will include you if I put this in the show notes. Consider yourself in!
Jaro O.
Cheers.. if it's going to become a regular part of the podcast though, you'll need to come up with a name.. I'll think on it, and share my ideas, in case something comes through with the 6 pint in me..
Jaro O.
Well we all know how him and Mat love their BBs.. And their iPhones.. Still a fan of the podcast, and the site..
jason g
hi how r u ? there is tango on bb 10 ?  and can u try the video chat ?   also can u try the camera with nokia lumia 920 ? is it black berry 10  or its demo cover the last one  ? 
So how can I install the Google+ hangout video chat on my Q10?
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