Stormquiss suggested on the Kickstarter thread that we look for a more permanent home for our fiction, and I suggested that I could bump my Squarespace subscription to allow for multiple committers, and that we could use that site for, well, everyone who wants to write. So far there's only my three published stories and one that's half-written in draft form. I've got Creative Commons CC-by-nc-sa-v4 copyright notices on there, along with a legal page conforming to MCG's Fan Policy Disclaimer.

I've now upgraded my account, and I'm opening the flood gates. However, I'd like to set a couple of expectations and make some suggestions:

1. I'd like to see something you've written & published before I give you an account. A link to a story here or in the Kickstarter comments section, for example.

2. The Squarespace blogging platform has a review system which allows posts to be made available for other site members to review before they're posted. I would very much like to have other people review my work before I put it live, and I'd suggest that everyone would benefit from the same.

3. The site name is indeed up for debate, as is its overall oeuvre. So far I've had it in the back of my mind that it wouldn't be limited to IS fiction, or even (necessarily) to literary fiction at all. Adventure and encounter ideas and anything else related to role-playing games would still be welcome in my opinion, so long as it meets the stated aim of 'inspiration for DMs/GMs/Judges.' Based on contributor discussion, I'm happy to narrow that focus or potentially broaden it.

4. Ideally I'd like to spend a couple of days gathering contributors together, discussing the design/layout of the site (separate feeds per author? per subject? using tags alone? categories?) and any licensing/attribution requirements, and enqueueing existing material to be re-published. We would then be able to flip the switch toward the end of the week to make everything available.

Anyone interested in joining in should contact me. I'd say 'by DM' except that doesn't appear to be a thing either on G+ or Kickstarter, which is a bit of a shame. Thus, I'll reveal that my email consists of my first and last name as a single word (no punctuation), and I have an email account via the provider of this system (one of the freely available accounts, not an employee one).
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