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Blaze Hemingway
Published author of books in The Jackson Hill Series. Also writer for The Societal Times
Published author of books in The Jackson Hill Series. Also writer for The Societal Times
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Can't They All Be Like Cardi B?
It's just a question.  Why can't all women be like Cardi B? Known most recently as a rapper and a reality star from the tv show Love and Hip Hop and formerly as a stripper, the sexy Dominican and Trinidadian firecracker and instagram sensation uses her soci... #cardi #loveandhip #rap #music

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Why Being Single On Valentine's Day Is So Much Better... Or Not.
Boy, those were the days! Being carefree and single...  I can barely recall the time. But I do remember the benefits. Now, don't get me wrong, there's nothing like being in a commited relationship.  It's absolutely the best.  But sometimes we forget how awe...

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Steve Harvey Is Not The Devil... I Suppose.
How many shows does he have?  Four?? Five?? There's Family Feud, Little Big Shots,  and the Steve Harvey talk show. The Steve Harvey Morning Talk Show is a weekday-morning program that is as popular as any on radio.  Harvey is a multi-millionaire businessma...

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Life After Barack Obama
Firstly, lets's start by naming Barack Obama as the greatest president in American history.  Why? Let's just name a few accomplishments to start:  1. He ended the 2008 recession.  2. He reformed health care.  3. He received the Nobel Peace Prize for strengt...

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The Extinction Of The Black American Male
Okay, so black males are not in the same class as the African elephant and Siberian tigers; but black males are indeed experiencing troublesome times in the United States. Every day I read at least ten newspapers from cities all across the country, and the ...

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Why Kanye is Awesome... Unless You Paid For A Recent Concert Ticket
The news report states that Kanye came to the Sacramento show an a hour and a half late, ranted about Beyonce, Jay-Z and Drake, said that he would have voted for Trump, and left after performing only 3 songs. Well, it just so happens that all of those thing...

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Don't Blame Donald
Hey, he put in the work. Donald didn't do anything wrong. He put in ample time, he invested lots of money; and now, the ole Don is our president. Congratulations, man... You conniving son-of-a-bitch, you. Congrats! I mean, what did he do wrong? Besides call...

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Why We Hate To Love Hillary
Okay, so she's pompous, among other things. And trustworthy? (sigh) Not so much. She speaks often, yet people find it hard to recall anything that she says. She has a look that often reminds us of our least favorite grandmother. You know, that relative who ...

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Why They All Want Nicki
I’ll admit it; I had my doubts. I mean, the “the scary Nicki” threw me off a bit with that whole "Starships" thing during the Pink Friday era. Her tactics and music creation made her millions of dollars, mainly from the addition of new white female fans; b...

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Rap Star 'Young Thug' Is Evolving Hip-Hop, Sexuality...And Seemingly Everything Else
So, here's the rapper who wears women's clothes and sings lyrics like a broken instrument. (Yeah... actually sounds like music streaming from a high school band room.)  He has six kids, yet he doesn't believe in gender.  He was on the U.S. Marshals' watch l...
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