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SVG National Centre of Technological Innovation
Think global, train local!
Think global, train local!


Our online E-learning Platform has been gaining alot of attention since its launch. Priced at just $175 ECD per module, professional training has never been more affordable and convenient at the same time.

Still we haven't stop there or we wouldn't be "The National Centre of Technological Innovation" if we did. We are hard at work on another
infrastructure that will prove to be beneficial to our new and existing students.

Join our growing student user base for online training. visit
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Newsletter dated for October,

Previous dated for September,
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Do you have an ICT business or idea, Sign Up now to be apart of our Business Incubator Programme.
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Quick tip, ever wondered why your device is saying "Obtaining IP address" when you're trying to connect to a public wifi-hotspot?

Well sometimes WAP's ( Wireless Access Points) have a limit on concurrent users, so that means you must wait until a free spot is available 
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It's Wednesday and you're still procrastinating about getting your training and certification. How about visiting our online platform, just $175 ECD will get you access to choose from hundreds of courses online.

Here are some of the most popular courses available from our Online Training Platform.
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NCTI is now an ABE Accredited College
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