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Erin Ahrens
A mom on a mission.. wait, isn't that Kashi?
A mom on a mission.. wait, isn't that Kashi?

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Adventures goes to the dogs.
Did you know that Woodstock, GA has a dog park?  It does!  Not only is it conveniently located, but it is well maintained, and has a really loyal group of dogs and interesting pet-parents who seem to be there whenever we show up.  (We showed up three of the...

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Adventures does the "Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour."
We did some crazy hair.  I am the last person to play dress up. I am also the first in line to bond with my daughter.   Today, Shay and I picked up a mom and daughter duo that invited us to go to an event geared toward raising young girls.  Before I purchas...

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Adventures is alone. And LOVING it!
I have not been alone in well, I don't know how long.  I always have someone with me.  ALWAYS.  However, I arranged for the migits to go with the hubs to a Lowe's Build and Grow, free, binocular making event, as well as pick up some much needed supplies for...

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When a teenager restores your faith in humanity.
I am on Facebook.  And one of my favorite connections are to the local, on-line, garage sale pages on there.  Our community has three, and I monitor them all the time lately as we just moved into a new house a week and a half ago, and trying to fill the spa...

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Adventures is sooo deliriously content.
Woke up after a doozy of a week at my parent's house. We move in last Sunday, as our home is completely packed up and ready for our move at this end of this coming week.  Staying, working, cooking, and homeschooling there was too challenging, as everything ...

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Adventures talks dirty.
I won't lie.  I do use foul language.  Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that I don't use it all the time, but mostly, it is the fastest flying words that might pop out when I get hurt.  (I don't curse at people.)  So, this morning, I was doing my 7 1/...

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Adventures plays the lottery.
This is the sort of silliness that happens when I try to sell my house.  First, our friend and agent of Better Homes and Gardens, Stacy Benson, listed our home this past Thursday.  Twenty-four hours later, we had two showings and 2 investor offers, sight un...

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Adventures is selling!
For sale, by owner, with help from a little blog.  Anyone interesting in buying our sweet home we renovated last year?  We are looking to move about 15 minutes from here, and need to sell our home first.  We have had it appraised, asking less than the appra...

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Adventures realizes he is growing up.
He's only eight.  Won't be nine for another four months.  However, it was literally over night that he just grew up. Yesterday, he played with a ten year-old boy at the pool for hours.  He came home and said he wanted to go to some website and play this gam...

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Random Obscurities is the Tooth Fairy?
This is a Random Obscurities post, mostly for the fact that I cursed in my head way too much to actually make this an appropriate "Mommy-Blog" type of writing for Adventures.  And so, here is my morning. I have had a headache for two days that I have fought...
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