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Database Space Explorer
As part of our app renaming/re-branding - Database File Explorer is now known as Database Space Explorer. The main reason is that this product, which started being very focused on the file/filegroup usage is expanding to many other database-space related st...

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SqlTableZip is now known as - "SQL Server Query Zipper"
I think names are important. And product names specifically should indicate something about the actual product. With that in mind, " SQL Server Query Zipper " (or SQL Query Zipper in short) does a better job on explaining what the tool does - even before re...

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SuperBulkCopy (SBCP) Walk-through
Recently, We've introduced a free new tool called SuperBulkCopy (short name: sbcp) What it does is simple to explain, and yet pretty challenging to implement - it does everything we wanted BULK INSERT, BCP, or any existing flat file importer to do: Get the ...

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SQL Stripes going EOL
It feels a bit awkward to say it, but SQL Stripes - the first product that ever came out of DoccoLabs, is reaching its End-Of-Life. As SQL Stripes is getting old, and after a lot of considerations I've decided to not write a new "similar" product mostly due...

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Introduction to SQL Table Zip *Console*
The latest version of our Query-Level Export/Backup App, " SQL Table Zip ", has a brand new feature - A stand-alone console version, allowing you to Import & Export any query from your command line / powershell / directly from SSMS. Here is a simple end-to-...

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The DBA’s guide to the [new] galaxy: Part III
| Part 3: Use the force, Luke! Choosing the right architecture
-- Experience with a wide variety of data stores doesn’t
only help with choosing the right architecture, but also being confident about
vetoing bad designs. This goes both ways; so for the follo...

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How ClipTable works?
A few days ago I was approached by someone at work, who got some files needed to be exported into one of our SQL Servers. The file format wasn't very intuitive, and caused this coworker a lot of different errors trying to use the "Import and Export Wizard"....
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