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It looks like some installations for EV charging in remote parts of Australia are using AS/NZS 3123 three-phase connectors, rather than Type 2. Could we add this three-phase connector to the list of connector types?

Geolocation error..
I've just added a location in Bengaluru, Bangalore, India, and the geolocation set the country to British Indian Ocean Territory, rather than India.

Is this a Google Geolocation error, or is it some Openchargemap code that is causing it?

We could probably do with some more connector types defined:

These are the Chinese standards. The AC sockets look outwardly similar to Mennekes, but the locking mechanism and gender of the vehicle inlet are different.

GB-T AC - GB/T 20234.2 (Socket)
GB-T AC - GB/T 20234.2 (Tethered Cable)
GB-T DC - GB/T 20234.3

Just a heads up. I've registered to attend the UK National Chargepoint Registry workshop on behalf of Openchargemap as a user, that they've got scheduled for the 11th December 2017. I guess this will be similar to the one arranged by Next Green Car when they were custodians of this open data set. It's now been taken over by Cenex - and this makes them the third custodians of the dataset and updating systems.
If anyone has anything that you'd like me to raise, please mention it here.

Bit of a glitch. The Browse/By Country page shows a nice list of the countries where there's some coverage.
Then a map of the world
Then a per-continent list of countries.

Only Africa isn't listed as a continent, and clicking on any African country in the initial list doesn't work.

I've created a pull request on github to fix this.

SSL again..

all currently have SSL certificates that only seem to support
I didn't know anything of that domain name, nor do most users.

Is it just me, or does the Android app sign in not work? (possibly something to do with a form login to , which doesn't have a valid SSL certificate )

the new 'Beta' web map doesn't seem to show locations where the PowerKW field for a connector isn't populated, presumably because it's difficult to match the filter on a null value.

I found that a lot of manually entered locations don't have that attribute.

I've written a script to calculate an approximate value and update (don't really need it to 12 decimal places) where we have AC charging, and have Amps and Voltage, quite a lot of the Zero Carbon World data was like that.
There's also a lot of data in the USA where the only information given by the networks is 'level 2 charging', and assuming J1772, which is a huge range of possible values, and they're not showing on the new web app either.

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We need another connector type in the system:

Swiss domestic 3-pin socket
formally, it's a (T13)
IEC Type J
Standards reference SEC 1011

I'd suggest listing it as "T13 - SEC1011 ( Swiss domestic 3-pin ) - Type J"

limited to a maximum of 10 amps at a nominal 230V / 1 phase. 50Hz AC

Also used in Liechtenstein

Missing country from the list of countries

Not sure there's much electric charging infrastructure there, but it's a gap on the map:

Could something like this be added?

"ISOCode": "SS",
"ContinentCode": "AF",
"ID": 249,
"Title": "South Sudan"
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