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Brain Drain
I'm sitting in a vacuum Isolated by my bone Processing all the data Delivered by my phone I'm trying to find Truth Capitalize the T Force fed outright lies It's all conspiracy This search by its design Conquers and divides "I am right and you are wrong!" "N...

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The Dual
A drop of sweat beaded down his forehead and rolled into his eye. He blinked, squinting at his adversary. The sun  sat  high in the sky, baking the Earth beneath. They stood just feet apart, facing each other on a dirt path behind the building. Rob opened h...

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Intolerable Tolerance: The Paradox of Open-Mindedness
Discrimination, prejudice, and intolerance is alive and well in 21st century America and it's perpetuated by the Left. When I say "the Left" I'm not referring to your average, everyday liberal with a truly open mind and good intentions. I'm talking about th...

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The Sheriff
Rough draft of a flash fiction piece for your entertainment and my English class. Will re-post final draft at a future date. Without further ado . . . . . .        The saloon was packed, roaring with raucous conversation. Old Joe Jackson pounded away at the...

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Academia Breeds Shitty Writers
Word counts, minimum page numbers, mandated source requirements. We have been taught since grade school that quality writing is defined by volume, length, and supporting content. I beg to differ.  Consider writing that has effected you most. Was it wordy? L...

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Into the Fray: Texas A&M University Protests, Richard Spencer, and Dishonest Media Tactics
Last night amidst rumors
of planned violence, studying for finals, and much to my girlfriend's chagrin I
attended the protests held against Alt-Right activist Richard Spencer's
speaking engagement and Texas A&M University. Into the Fray: Walking off the bus...

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male vs. Man
Being a male and a Man is not mutually
inclusive. As you go through life it is important to realize you are born male,
but must earn the title of Man. This
is done through actions.  A Man keeps his cool in the face of adversity. A male
allows anger to dicta...

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Poem: Election
Two bulls in a china shop Locking their horns Duking it out as they bray One squeals like an ass The other’s a rat, but An elephant’s what he’s today She kicks and she bites He stomps and he fights As porcelain shatters and cracks A culture so fragile Unwil...

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Review: Marvel's Dr. Strange
you’re a fan of Christopher Nolan’s Inception ,
superheroes, acid flashbacks, or all three then go see Dr. Strange. This is not your average Marvel origin story. Scott
Derrickson ( The Exorcism of Emily Rose,
Sinister ) takes us on a psychedelic trip int...

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I've been thinking . . .
The older I get the more I realize how little I know. But that doesn't mean that I don't know anything. Or maybe I just don't yet know how much I don't know about the things I think I do. Regardless, I've been thinking a lot about a lot of things and I thin...
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