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I agree. A blackout isn't the right way to raise awareness
SOPA/PIPA Protest Blackouts Are Misguided

A number of major Internet sites have announced plans to "blackout" this coming Wednesday -- that is, block users from most or all access to their normal site resources -- to protest against SOPA/PIPA for up to 24 hours.

Since it is widely known how strongly I oppose these legislative nightmares, a number of site owners have asked if I would recommend that they join in this form of protest.

I have told them that I definitely advise against this protest method.

Most widely used Internet sites in particular have spent a great deal of time and effort to create reliable destinations on which users can depend -- for applications related to communications, work, school, and all manner of queries, concerns, and discussions.

As much as I abhor SOPA and PIPA, I do not feel that voluntarily cutting the Internet community off from important resources for significant periods of time is an appropriate course of action. It penalizes vast numbers of Internet users around the globe, not specifically the proponents of SOPA and PIPA.

Rather than "blacking out" a site (and presumably only displaying information about how to fight SOPA/PIPA. with access to normal functions unavailable), a far more logical, sensible, and prudent approach, that would likely be even more effective in this battle, would be for protesting sites to display a "splash page" with information explaining how to contact your Congressional representatives and express your displeasure with these legislative efforts.

Splash pages could either time out automatically and continue through to the normal site after some number of seconds, and/or permit users to click through to the regular site resources after some specified period of time (again, some number of seconds).

It's possible to present an "in your face" protest of SOPA/PIPA, with meaningful links and information for battling these abominations, without cutting off users from the site resources themselves.

The website resources blackout approach is misguided and -- even with the most laudable of motives -- essentially irresponsible.

That's my opinion, anyway.

All the best to you and yours on this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

-- Lauren --

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Blown away by how many edits there are on Wikipedia each day. Check out this real-time feed.
Very cool: a livestream of Wikipedia edits, in real-time

Informal poll: Have Google's changes to search (putting emphasis on Google+) forced you to use Google+ more often?

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Re-jigging Digital Journal's Google+ page. Add us to your circles!

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Google has rolled out a verification process for Google+ users. Anyone know details on how to get verified?

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Add Nintendo to the list of companies that Apple is just crushing.

It's amazing what the power of the ecosystem and inexpensive downloadable games can do to upset what was near a lock on the marketplace.

My latest blog post: Pixazza rebrands as Luminate, looking to make images more interactive
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