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उदासतेला जहरी डोळे: मर्ढेकर मरणदिन....Melancholy Has Disquieting Eyes
Today March 20 2017 is 61st Death Anniversary of  B S Mardhekar ( बा.सी.मर्ढेकर)                                                            Artist: Steve Cutts   Poem no#  21  from "Mardhekarnchi Kavita" (मर्ढेकरांची कविता), 1959 "पिपांत मेले ओल्या उंदिर; म...

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Of Violence and Sex....Of Mice and Men
John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice and Men' was published 80 years ago in 1937. As Wikipedia states, it also is at number 5 on the list of the Most Challenged Books of 21st Century. Maybe the following is reason...violence and sex..... Artist: Vic Lee , 2015

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Journey of a Cartoon 1970 To 2017: Welcome to USA... Go Back
Artist: Henry Martin (1925-), The New Yorker, April 18 1970 And with deepest apologies to Mr. Martin.....

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आर्यत्वाचा उन्माद...अमली पदार्थांनी भरून वाहणाऱ्या पुष्करणी व नद्या ...Breaking Bad in Hitler's Germany!
Adolf Hitler: "I’m not doing politics any more. It repels me so much."  "The higher a man rises the more he has to be able to abstain
[…] If a street-sweeper is unwilling to sacrifice his tobacco or his beer, then
I think, ‘Very well, my good man, that’s pr...

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...जरी त्या क्रांतीचा मुडदा पडला तरी...The Russian Revolutions@100
Tomorrow March 8 2017 will be the centenary of the start of the February Revolution (8/3/1917-16/3/1917) in Russia.  It was followed by the October Revolution that started on November 7 1917.  'Bolshevik’ , 1920, by Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev Isaiah Berli...

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पिकासोंच्या चित्रातील सेक्सचा 'वास'!...Nosing Sex in a Picasso!
John Berger (1926-2017), ‘The Success and Failure of Picasso‘, 1965: “...Today, among the five hundred or more of his own past
paintings which Picasso owns, over fifty are of Marie-Thérèse. No other person
dominates his collection a quarter as much. When he...

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अनेक मूस, दुःस्वप्नमय स्वल्पविराम आणि नेटके मराठी...Kusumagraj@105
Today February 27 2017 is 105th birth anniversary of Kusumagraj (कुसुमाग्रज). It also is "Mararthi Bhasha Din" (मराठी भाषा दिन). Paul Murphy, ‘True Crime Japan: Thieves, Rascals, Killers and Dope Heads: True Stories From a Japanese Courtroom’, 2016: “...Pa...

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The Essence of Human...A Clockwork Orange's Anthony Burgess@100
Today February 25 2017 is 100th birth anniversary of Anthony
Burgess, writer of "A Clockwork Orange", 1962 The
Economist, June 1999: ‘“A
Clockwork Orange”, from Anthony Burgess's novel, has been a victim of its own
violence and tarred with a false reputatio...

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त्या मला कायम आवडत राहिल्या: जयश्री गडकर...Jayshree Gadkar @75
Today February 21 2017 is 75th birth anniversary of Jayshree Gadkar (जयश्री गडकर) (1942-2008) माझ्या आई बरोबर मी त्यांचा 'थांब लक्ष्मी कुंकू लावते', १९६७ सिनेमा मिरजेला आशा टॉकीजला १९६८ साली बघितल्याचे आठवते. मी बघितलेला तो  त्यांचा पहिला सिनेमा होता. रडका ...

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एक प्राचीन शापवाणी, Blood, frogs...and a Maharashtra-style Election Campaign
"Blood, frogs, lice, pestilence, boils, hail, locusts, darkness, death of the first born, and an American-style election campaign." "With the formal announcement of two-phase elections to 10
municipal corporations, 26 Zilla Parishads and 283 Panchayat Samit...
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