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Holger Janning (janning networks)


i have an Ultradox form, which is prefilled with data from a google spreadsheet.
this google sheet contains the columns: customer and email.
the column "customer" delivers prefilled data for an ultradox form.

someone fills out the form. clicks submit, now i need to lookup the correct customer-mail-address from the google sheet.

its hard to describe - hope you understand, what i mean. ;)

Hi! I need a solution for the following scenario. Is this possible with Ultradox?

- mechanics fill out a work report with informations from a repair of a machine
- they take some pictures with their smarthphones and upload the photos to this work report
- a customer report is generated with informations from the work report and pictures

in short (main problem) how do i combine / link uploaded photos to a google form.

thank you!

Are there any server problems? I get Server errors every few minutes...

Wird die Anwendung noch gepflegt? Wäre es auch machbar eine Änderung / Anpassung an Small Time durchzuführen? Ich fände es super, wenn man neben der Kommen / Gehen - Zeit auch noch Projektzeiten eintragen könnte.


is it possible to generate a HTML Document with some special HTML snippets/tags based on a google docs template?

thank you!

i would like to create a google form for "animal sponsorships". i made a copy of the cookie monster shop (which fits pretty well). but i want to add a paypal button on a confirmation page. how can i use the google form values to create a paypal link with the correkt amounts/values? paypal only allow me to create a button with prefilled values.. but the customer shouldn´t select the amounts/value twice. 

do you know, what i mean? ;)

i have got a form which puts data into a spreadsheet. the first column is "timestamp" and its content is the creation date or the "last modified" date (if i edit the form data again). now i want to have an extra column, containing only the creation date. how do i copy the data from column A to "B", but only if "column B" is empty. this formula should run, everytime a new form is submitted.

something like:

=if(row()=1;"Creation Date";if(isblank(B1);A1))

(but sure, this doesn´t work ;-))

thank you!

I´m trying to put the recent row-number in an URL as a variable... 
but this:
=HYPERLINK(CONCATENATE("";=ROW()); "Descriptor")
doesn´t work.. 
Any ideas?

Hallo, wie kann man denn Umlaute darstellen?

Folgende Varianten funktionieren leider nicht:

${Rollstühle: ,buchung.leihrollstuhl, St.}
${Rollstühle: ,buchung.leihrollstuhl, St.}

Vielen Dank

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I want to load only rows, where column "Datum (Tierparkbesuch)" is from today or newer. But i don´t know the syntax. 

something like: "Datum (Tierparkbesuch) >= $today" 

i think this could be possible with the correct values for: "Bedingung", isn´t it?

thank you!
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