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Harrison Tran

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anyone who needs help to secure their financial future, please send me message :)
33 percent, or more than 77 million Americans, do not pay all of their bills on time.

•Stat Source: Yahoo! Finance
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Harrison Tran

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For those people who think this lawsuit is stupid or think these lawsuit money should be goes to education or donation, remember one thing and one thing only: this is business world, in business world it's all about" MONEY", nothing else matter.  Once again Microsoft sit in middle of the fight, enjoy the full ride and enjoy watching their stock rise after this lawsuit
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Harrison Tran

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it might not be a Galaxy Samsung S3, but it's still better than iphone
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Harrison Tran

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because Android is top OS and has more customers than Apple in the market.  It can't afford to lose because Samsung Galaxy S3 is top selling phone right now
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Harrison Tran

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Looking for a job? Here are some sites to help out!
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Harrison Tran

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Harrison Tran

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All Samsung want was make phones with cool and advanced features for customers and Apple just took it away.  What exactly  Apple wants?  They want to become the one and the only products in whole market and want every and each customers in the whole world buy their only products
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  • Milwaukee Area Technical College
    IT Networking Specialist, 2011 - present
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