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Dad, Web, Snowboard, Photo, Scoundrel
Dad, Web, Snowboard, Photo, Scoundrel


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We redesigned our website last week and am eager to hear any feedback. Thanks.

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I can't say that there is too much to tell here. They took away white space, increased image detail page size. Added a [website] button - ohh,,,ahhh. They pulled embedded links (yes - less spammers). BUT>.. strangely, they pulled #hashtags.... ???? Not cool enough for Pinteresters?
Great article/info graphic that quickly outlines the updates to Pinterest (I have a hard time calling it a redesign). 

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Dangos now have competition. Guard your babies.
Clawed drone grabs prey on the fly just like an eagle
[...]Inspired by the way a bald eagle swoops down to seize a fish from the water with its claws, Justin Thomas and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia have developed a fast-acting, talon-like gripper for a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).[...]

Source NewScientist:

#technology   #robotics   #drones   #quadcopter  

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Google putting the kabosh on Google Reader really marks the end of RSS I think. Seems most people are getting news that's filtered first through their social networks... which does make sense. 

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This is slimy. Facebook creates a new revenue stream that is really just making money off people's generosity to help spread the word for our friends.

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The Crew hit Sweet 16 today. Mighty proud.... oh how quickly they grow. Send a congrats to them here:

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Greta and I are taking the plunge into the icy waters of Lake Champlain on Feb 2 for Special Olympics Vermont and their athletes. If you can spare a few dollars, any donation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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i want
Here's a scenario: "It's 2015 and you've just arrived back in New York City from a weekend trip. You're standing in Times Square when it occurs to you that you're hungry. So, literally in the blink of an eye, you call up information about all the nearby restaurants. You realize, however, that you could also use some companionship so you say 'friends nearby restaurants.' Just then you see that a pal of yours has checked in to Fannelli Cafe in SoHo. You quickly text him and arrange to meet. When you call up directions, you get an offer for $2 off your first Guinness. All thanks to Google Glass."

Here's how +Google Glass could change advertising in the future:

What do you think about the potential for Google Glass?

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Yesterday was bluebird, and today started with 7:30 am first tracks. I love my job. #snowbird   #nsaa  
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