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Got three rewards in one day, my personal best. Thanks guys. (These are internal rewards we have in Red Hat...)

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Great talk abour all this VC hell.

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How much swap is recommended nowadays? This depends on the desired behaviour of the system, but configuring an amount of 20% of the RAM as swap is usually a good idea. Via +Will Darton.

Nice one: "Top peaks at 5000% CPU on our 64 cores server, what is wrong?". My answer: "Get a coffee, browse facebook. You are doing great." Lucky people finding problems where there are none :-)

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I learn a thing every single day.

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Google plus still not dead, why this does not surprise me. Hint: It is the only usable social network for me. 

As of November 30, 2016 Red Hat had approximately 10,250 employees worldwide.

Nope, did not make it this year. Again, flu wth fevers. Damn. #fosdem #cfgmgmtcamp

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Nice, will try to use instead StackOverflow :-)
A great developer docs site I just discovered. Seems very useful.

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Just use /dev/urandom! Nice one.
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