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Month of November- Featured Products
Smokeless Portable BBQ Grill

Barbeque feasts should be enjoyed all year round. But nobody wants to stand outside, drenched in rain, fighting the elements for a soggy hamburger.

Our innovative smokeless barbecues are entirely portable, suitable for indoor and outdoor barbecues and grills. Enjoy the full, authentic experience of cooking with a barbecue grill – without the nasty smoke – by simply placing coal inside it. Its twin-powered fans will control the intensity of the unit’s heat, ensuring perfect results every time.

Beyond barbecues and grills – your smokeless portable cooker is layered with a surface suitable for frying pans and cooking pots. Healthy, char-grilled meal sensations are easy with this authentic-style barbecue grill. Excess oil collects in an easy-to-clean drip tray, ensuring you get nutritional, oil-reduced and great tasting meals.

This grill is designed for off-road adventures, as well as in-home entertaining, with a convenient carry bag bundled with your barbecue grill, as well as a battery to control the fan on-the-move.

Our smoke-free, portable barbecue grills move with you, perfect for tasty meals at every destination.

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Month of November-Featured Products
Ride-on Kart

Is your child ready and set to run their own race?

The authentic go-karting experience is right around the bend with our ride ons. With a maximum speed of 3 kilometres, your child is safe no matter where the journey takes them. Your child will love the freedom of adventuring around their neighbourhood terrain.

Choose your journey from three vibrant colours – and watch your child take on bigger and better ventures every time.

Let your child’s imagination go full-speed ahead with our ride on karts.

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Month of November- Featured Products
Ice Cube Maker

Whether you’re entertaining guests, or enjoying a refreshing drink after a long day of work, our ice machines will chill your drinks in minutes.

Replace eskies, and long waits by the refrigerator, with this all-in-one drink saviour. Produce up to 10kgs of ice in just 24 hours, or enjoy a smaller batch in only 8 minutes. Its huge, 1.7 litre water tank can fit up to 600 grams of ice. Preparing revitalising beverages has never been simpler.

When preparing for your next event, there’s a thousand things to consider – what appetisers are going to line the tables, and where should I sit objectionable relatives? Let your ice maker take away some of the work. Check on its progress with a convenient review window, as well as an LED indicator – making time-management a smoother experience every time.

Its full ice bin and low water alarms will indicate when it’s time to give your ice maker some TLC. Anxious wait times are a relic of the past with this innovative ice maker, keeping you on top of one of your party essentials.

Keep your cool, with our advanced, high-capacity ice maker.

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Month of November- Featured Products
Pirate Ship Sand and Water Table

Give a child a box, and they will build a castle. Just imagine what they could create with a whole pirate ship?

This pirate ship-modelled sand and water table includes 20 sand and water play accessories. Watch your kids bring their own vessel to life with an exciting choice of pirate flags, boats, buckets and their very own mini-captain – pre-packaged and ready to set sail.

With detachable legs, this sand and water table is prepared for all conditions, whether they prop up their boat and shore up on the porch, or lay down their anchor and play among their backyard terrain.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sand and water between little fingers and toes – let your child go full-steam ahead into their imagination with this highly interactive play table.

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The holidays are approaching, get a jump-start on your holiday shopping today.

Month of November- Featured Products
Long Distance Drone with WIFI

Take your exploration sky-high.

It’s time to reach new heights and traverse undiscovered terrains with our premium, high-capacity drones.

Enjoy a huge flight distance of 350-400 metres, with a long flight time of 13-15 minutes. The drone’s super-stable, 6-axis gyro quad formation ensures constancy and sturdiness in your flight, with stronger wind resistance, easy-to-use flight controls and movement functions.

The drone features a high-definition, 720 x 576p and live streaming camera, so that you can store and revisit any adventures that you capture. Whether you’re taking the scenic route on a cross-country holiday, or wanting a unique way to record your next special event, its powerful camera will let you stream live video up to 50 metres in distance, with a range of settings to ensure the highest quality of filming possible.

The automatic ‘altitude hold’ function ensures your pictures are stable, and blur-free, by steadying the altitude of your drone to guarantee a clear image, every time.

The camera is WIFI-powered, allowing live-streaming to your smartphone via its full-scale remote control system. Record, upload and share your latest pictures and videos with the drone’s free and convenient android and iPhone app, downloadable from their relevant App Stores.

By night, your drone will light up the sky with a set of bright night lights, so that the adventures don’t have to end when the sun leaves for the day. Enjoy a smooth, one-key take-off and landing, after experimenting with its 360-degree movement capacity.

For any stylish tricks, flips and spins, you can adjust your camera angle via remote control, should you wish to film your latest techniques.

Customise your drones flight-style with a range of modes, including the ‘headless mode’ that secures your camera in the direction of flight, regardless of what direction your drone is turning in.

Let your new drone capture your next adventure from a different view, while you sit back and control your flight – your way.

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Month of October Featured Products
Smartphone-Charging Clock Radio

Elegant in design, flawless in functionality.

Roll out of bed your way, with your fully-customisable wake-up routine, with our large number alarm clock. Make that slide out of bed on Monday morning as smooth as possible with the sounds of your favourite FM station or by a classic buzzer noise.

The huge 1.2 inch number display will keep you on time with ‘hi/lo’ dimming options and a dual-alarm system. Choose to ‘snooze’ or ‘sleep’ through them both.

Start your day with peace of mind with USB connectivity to charge your phone as you sleep, so you can spring into action stress-free in the morning. It’s time to make waking up easy with our USB large number alarm clock. Available in black or green colour.

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Month of October Featured Products
Cordless Tree Lopper

In the dry heat of the Autumn sun, the last thing you want to do is climb, scratch and stretch your way through tangles of branches – trying desperately to add that freshly-trimmed sheen to your garden-beds.

Put away the ladder and let our cordless tree lopper do all the cutting and reaching. With a total length of around 1.7 metres, you’ll love the fresh results – without all the sweat.

Whether it’s trimming those hard-to-reach, loose branches, or chopping up some fresh firewood for the cooler evenings, our cordless tree lopper is here to help you prune, shape and transfer your garden areas, into your own slice of paradise – with just a fraction of the time and sweat involved.

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12-in-1 Multi-cooker
Let your digital chef do the hard work for you.
Our cooker makes preparing the perfect meal easy with a choice of 12 exciting cooking programs. Preparing the perfect stew, stir-fry, or soup? Enjoy a variety of specialised settings that range from ‘porridge’ to ‘hot pot’, with a complete set of cooking options for most home meals. At a huge 5-litres and 1500 watts, our multi-cooker offers a simple solution to revitalise your kitchen. Spend more time doing the things you love, and less time over the saucepan, with our innovative multi-cooker.

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School Holidays are coming and we have a lot of interactive products that would surely keep the whole family entertained !
Visit us at:

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Turn your backyard barbeque into a Mediterranean feast with our Kebab and Shawarma Grill.

Simply load in the ingredients of your next dinner sensation, and let the grill do the hard work. Enjoy auto-rotating gyros, and open-structured heating for a thorough, easy cooking experience every time.

Visit our online store, now!
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