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Today I found one awesome website about different types of boob job pictures

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Yesterday I came across this special website that has a info on estrofem for men breast

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liky liky ;-)
franco.Kernel for the Galaxy Nexus

5th June - Milestone 4
Changelog since Milestone 3
* Added 192Mhz slot
* Reverted all previous OMAP4 patches forked from Texas Instruments to fix most of the bugs coming from them
* Interactive governor patches from android-omap-3.0
* Screen_off_max_freq re-enabled and available here: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/screen_off_max_freq
* Lowmemorykiller driver updated to 3.4 version
* Fix for random mac id address for some users - from Imoseyon
* Special compiler flags to get some extra bits of performance
* Wi-Fi voltage back to stock to prevent signal issues
* Fix a crash present on stock kernel on i2c remove - patch from TI
* Remove generic_hotplug and Hotplug governor. The device shuts down cpu1 as it see fits so to prevent instabilities what so ever this function is now gone
* Fix to boosted sound when a notification was received - from Ezekeel
* Some OMAP4 patches from android-omap-3.0 for stability purposes
* Kernel 99% cleaned up from warnings that were present on stock kernel for stability purposes
* VDD_MIN voltage back to stock to prevent data loss or any other instability
* Add OMAP GAMMA interface - values range from 1.0 to 2.0 and are to be echoed to this file: /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/manager0/gamma
* Some MUSB patches from mainline kernel to improve battery life calling the correct pm_runtime functions on USB functions
* GPU clock is now 384Mhz by default because it can use the same amount of voltage and the same OPP as the 307Mhz giving us extra performance without taking a battery hit
* Other bunch of smaller patches and fixes that can be seen on my bitbucket repository

#Android   #GalaxyNexus   #Samsung   #francoKernel

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Last week I saw one awesome page it's about can i drink beet with hemmorhoids?

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Recruiters have noticed that the mental qualities that make a good computer programmer resemble those that might get you diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Similar traits are common in the upper reaches of finance. Entrepreneurs also display a striking number of mental oddities. Where does that leave the old-fashioned organisation man? 

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Today my mam tweeted me one great article that has a great advice it's about is steam good for sinus problems

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cute pic
Check out these super-cute dog underwater photos I found through

My favourite's the one next to the link *points down*

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