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Classic Who  - 
What is it, Grandfather?
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Couldn't resist posting this, as I just finished rewatching the First Doctor stories and am currently on a #Babylon5 rewatch. Faith manages, my friends...
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Pictures and video  - 
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Thank you... for posting / finding this.

What would YOU buy.. if you had the money...
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Star Trek Movies  - 
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You have a right to feel the way you do and a right to post what you wish. I'm expressing my opinion in turn. No film could withstand this kind of sarcastic barrage. As for embracing promise, I cannot begin to describe the joy I feel seeing Kirk and Spock brought to life again on the screen. All the Trek movies are relatively stupid - if you are going to be completely honest (TNG most of all) - but these get the emotional core right. For me, that's priceless.
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Star Trek: DS9  - 
Tony Stark likes his drink, and he heard Quark's had the best Samarian Sunsets in the Alpha Quadrant
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General Discussion  - 
The First Draft of Star Wars With Green Alien Han Solo Gets Adapted Into a Comic (via Neatorama)
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Star Trek: DS9  - 
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Sisko is the Man...He had a rough gig and performed exceptionally well under unusual circumstances.
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Lifestyle  - 
Karaoke geht auf 'ner Party immer! 
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ernie leyva

Star Trek Movies  - 
How do you folks feel about this movie? While you think about it, read this, because I gotta say, this is nail-on-the-head:

The Atlantic: The Lightweight Appeal of Star Trek Into Darkness.
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Star Wars he nailed. It's full of mysticism and is a true space opera. But because the Star Trek world has been built out so much, it's much more than interesting  than speculative fiction, moral plays, and technobabble (which is what the writer indicated).  And both Star Wars and Star Trek play on ultimate good and evil. So truly, Star Trek has elements of space opera in it.

I do agree with the assessment of the story -- lots of plot holes and predictability. But ultimately, it's fun. I wouldn't say Abrams reboot has been complex, but I suppose nuTrek doesn't have to be and I'm sure non-Trekkies/Trekkers can enjoy it.

Although, being a Trekkie/Trekker, I wish nuTrek had been given as much love and understanding as nuWho so that it would be appealing to newbies and fans.
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ernie leyva

Star Trek: DS9  - 
I have mad respect for Tor, so this rewatch intrigues me.
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As i know many of these shows backwards, the comments are the most intriguing part of this. They're always informed; & while i don't always agree with the writer's point-of-view, i always respect it. He knows what he's talking about. He's only on A Man Alone (screened as S1 E3, though shot before Past Prologue), so i'm looking forward to seeing what he has to say when the show finds its voice its mature voice

Oddly, a twitter friend @ATrekaDay in Pittsburgh has just completed a similar run through DS9. Since his comments are tweets there's less room for detail for more potential for immediacy. His response to a famous scene in Tears of the Prophets (S6 E26) was succinct, to say the least. He's now on Voy, if anyone's intrigued
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