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Daniel Justice
Colorado-born Canadian citizen of the Cherokee Nation. Writer, scholar, teacher.
Colorado-born Canadian citizen of the Cherokee Nation. Writer, scholar, teacher.

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Another Problem with the UK Cull
Today, 6 October 2015, is National Badger Day in the UK. It's a day dedicated to this wondrous nocturnal mustelid, its symbolism and cultural significance, its important ecological role, and its continued struggles, especially in the anti-science/pro-agribu...

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Collective Nouns for Badgers: Cete, Cote, Clan?
Collective nouns are a curiously eccentric feature
of English, whereby evocative or pun-inspired terms are used to describe a
group of animals, people, or items. Many of these are common parts of our
everyday language--a pride of lions,
a murder of crows, a...

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Badgers in Literature: Grimbart, nephew of Reynard the Fox
In North America and Europe alike, there is a
long history and many stories about badgers in relationship with
their canid neighbours--generally coyotes in the former, foxes in the latter.
Not only have cooperative hunting and dwelling interactions been ext...

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A most unusual badger museum exhibit
Of Reykjavik's many quirky sites of interest to visitors, the most unusual must surely be the Icelandic Phallological Museum, described on its website as "probably the only museum in the world to contain a collection of phallic specimens belonging to all th...

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Map of Badger Species (not to scale!)
Beni and David Loti, who designed the book trailer for Badger , included a gorgeous map of badger species and approximate territories as part of the animation. For all the badger fans out there, here's a revised version I've put together (for my own present...

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FAQ: Why badgers?
"What's the deal with you and badgers?" It's a fair question, and pretty common. Admittedly, badgers are pretty far removed from my other writings and scholarship--and in some ways my badger interest is no doubt a pretty eccentric departure. After all, I've...

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A Digging Machine
Of all the
badgers, the North American badger is perhaps the most powerful and effective
burrower, having been observed to not only completely disappear through
hardened soil in mere minutes, but to dismantle even more challenging
foundations, as related in...

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On Badgers and Emergences
Among the Pueblo
peoples of the American southwest, the solitary North American species of
badger, Taxidea taxus , is a
primordial friend and ally; indeed, as Laguna Pueblo writer Leslie Marmon Silko
observes, it was a she-badger who made possible the migra...
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