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Accessibility Evaluations With Cheap, Readily Available Tools
Next Meeting: Thursday, October 22. The topic will be captioning videos Your Keyboard – Unplug Your Mouse and Don’t Touch Your Touchpad Navigating With Your Keyboard (from ) Tab  – move to the next link, for...

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Screen Readers on Touchscreen Devices
Nielsen/Norman Group’s Katie Sherwin just posted an article
discussing the experience of a blind person trying to interact with a
touchscreen device and its rich vocabulary of gestures. The complexity of the
interface, plus the many gestures available can c...

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AccessibleWeb@U August 27 Meeting Notes
We had a small group but a
good discussion: ·          Windows
10 Edge browser ·          If
you have not switched to Windows 10 yet, Microsoft offers a virtual machine
version of Edge that you can download for testing at

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Accessibility of Front-end Technologies
On Friday, August 7, I gave a quick talk to the Front-end Technologies Community of Practice meeting. About 40 interface developers from UW campuses were in attendance. My slidedeck is available as a PDF at

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Info-graphicsAbout Topics Related to Disabilities
Home Healthcare Adaptations, a company based in Dublin
Ireland, likes to create info-graphics about topics related to disabilities: Best Mobile Apps for Sensory Impairment World ...

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Creating Accessible Documents With Office 365 Word Online
General Conclusions:
Word Online has potential since everyone working on a document through Word
Online is running the same program. If good methods are followed (see below)
the result is a Word document that is generally accessible. Export to PDF works

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AccessibleWeb@U May 28 Meeting Notes
Some quick notes on last week’s AccessibleWeb@U meeting University of Washington Information Technology Accessibility Guidelines ( ) Signed on May 1 by Kelli Trosvig, VP of UW Information Technology and UW...

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Feb. 26 AccessibleWeb@U Meeting Notes
Below is a link to the slides Sheryl used in her talk on
Thursday, February 26. A special thanks to Sheryl for all her work and for her
presentation.            Topic:     Overview
of IT Accessibility Issues & Our UW Journey       
   Speaker:    Sheryl Bur...

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February 26 Meeting: Overview of IT Accessibility Issues & Our UW Journey
              Topic:     Overview
of IT Accessibility Issues & Our UW Journey     
     Speaker:    Sheryl Burgstahler,
Director, UW-IT Accessible Technology Services         
      Date:    Thursday,
February 26, 2015        
       Time:    11:30 a.m. to

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Creating Accessible PDFs With Adobe InDesign
AccessibleWeb - Creating Accessible PDFs With Adobe InDesign Making Them Right to Begin With Making a PDF accessible after it has been created is difficult, sometimes impossible Use the capabilities of your publishing program to enable it to generate access...
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