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I make Chemistry Sets. This is a pix of my prototype. This was made for an upcoming KickStarter project. The video was just shot this past Monday morning here at the science store. The box was cut out with a CNC router and the door (on the table) was LASER engraved with the logo for the Heirloom Chemistry Set. This is on display here at HMS Beagle in Parkville, MO. Come in and take a look.
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Really nice looking kit. How much would it cost? Best of luck on the kickstarter.
WOW that brings back memories. Indeed best of luck, truly a great gift for anyone young in age or spirit!
Very nice...brings back memories from a long time ago...Haven't seen a truly educational set on the market since then, and even then the instructional aspects were disappearing in favor of "astound your friends magic tricks".
put a manual with wt u can do and shear the current price intended
Would LOVE one!! Please keep me posted on the kickstarter campaign!! :D
Absolutely keep us notified on the kickstarter campaign. 
Not a big chemistry fan.  Had issues with Chemistry Dept. at school.  But I love the Kit I think it's awesome!
Actually, I would kind of like to buy one unfilled for storing/transporting other stuff (art, miniature painting, modeling supplies, etc). Are you considering also selling them empty?
Like the two bottles of KNo3 <smile>
The guys from Breaking Bad could really use one of those :3
This is awesome! I'd love one for my daughter, budding chemist.
Actually, that's a good point. If regulation is a problem, you could sell the kit with empty containers and just tell us which materials to fill those little bottles with. Then it'd be up to the buyers to decide the risk level of their kit.
I hope this is more of an old school set. Ya know, the type companies are afraid to sell these days. I will get one, just because!
The video has been shot and I am awaiting the finished product before I can post it on KickStarter.
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