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Dr Zannos Grekos, MD - Stem Cell Doctors with Targets on Their Backs.
Even though stem cell treatment by Dr Zannos Grekos is not embryonic, it still is a medical science considered unproven by even the best western doctors. It seems that western medicine is so far behind the rest of the world in stem cell advancement. Even doctors like Zannos Grekos, MD is scrutinized and slandered at every turn. Clinical trials that typically experience a learning curve resulting in fatalities are constantly in the spotlight. It is a shame that western medicine is so slow to advance in such an amazing field.

It is frustrating for doctors watching patients withering away when stem cell doctors like Zannos Grekos knows that adult stem cell therapy is the one thing that can save the patients life. Yet, even then, even when a doctor does the best he can do on behave of the patient, the critics come out of the woodwork.

Read What Popular Science says about Doctor Zannos Grekos, MD.

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News Article From Doctor Zannos Grekos, MD
Read this Great Story published about Dr Zannos Grekos. By Popular Science.

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