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Got an invite for the One Plus 2, but I can't afford it right now. Who wants it? Bonus if I know you.

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#apachecon  was AWESOME

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Special note on this:
You should run ...

# aptitude install default-jdk default-jre openjdk-6-jre openjdk-6-jdk openjdk-7-jre openjdk-7-jdk java-common && aptitude keep-all avoid loosing a ton of gnome metapackages.

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Sweet! So glad to have such an awesome ROM and a new community! Thanks Team Venom!

Can any one help me real quick?
After trying to install the repo for Paranoid Android with 

repo init -u git:// -b jb43-legacy

I get the following error:

*/home/<user>/bin/repo: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
/home/<user>/bin/repo: line 1: `<!DOCTYPE html>*

Why would that be? I checked on Git and it's the correct branch, so maybe I did something wrong?
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